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A site that has interesting information on forensics and interactive activities for kids to play.

This article addresses the administrative issue of achieving satisfactory enrollment numbers in order to avoid canceling... see more

This outline covers the history and organization of the federal and state judicial systems; the criminal and civil court... see more

This site is a lecture for a course entitled Victimology. This particular lecture focuses on Intimate Violence and... see more

This is a 37 page lesson plan in which students perform three separate lab activities to examine evidence found at the... see more

This site explores the Issue: Does the Constitution guarantee women the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy by... see more

ScienceDaily is one of the Internet’s most popular science news web sites. Since starting in 1995, the award-winning site... see more

This site explores the issue: Does the Constitution allow states to segregate schools or other public facilities on the... see more

This OPEN TEXTBOOK is intended for those who want to learn the basics of SPSS (Version 23). This book can be used as a... see more

This class examines the relationship between a number of mind-altering substances and cultural processes. We look at the... see more

Creating your own crime scene investigation is a great way to learn about the dangers of prescription drug abuse. The... see more

This site contains links to articles on testimonial evidence such as witness statements, interviews and confessions.

This paper provides a broad overview of the subject of biometrics, how they are used, how performance is measured, how... see more

This site contains a "lecture" about the Constitutional Convention. In addition, there are assignments, questions for... see more

This site explores the issue: Does the Constitution protect homosexual conduct? What limitations does the Constitution... see more

This site traces the history of using fingerprints as a means of identification.

The correctional landscape varies dramatically in scale, policy and practice from state to state. The Pew Center on the... see more

This site explores the Issue: Does the Constitution protect the right of privacy? If so, what aspects of privacy receive... see more

This site provides a "lecture" about the Supreme Court. Additionally, there are assignments for students, questions for... see more

This site provides an introduction to constitutional interpretation and then provides explanations of both the... see more

This site was designed to help accident reconstructionists to learn how to study the evidence. There are a number of... see more

This video was recorded at Out of the Box Seminar. Should women be treated in the same way as men in the criminal justice... see more

A report on youth violence prepared by the Department of Health and Human Services under the direction of the Office of... see more

This page is designed as a tool for learning. The goal is to provide information that empowers site visitors who are... see more