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Find out the current date and time of cities and countries around the world!

Video documental Dislexia "Palabras al Viento" La dislexia está detrás de gran parte del fracaso escolar, laboral y... see more

This web site is dedicated to simple video-related software that lets computer users do several useful things with... see more

3D pictures of Hydrogen; 3D animations of Hydrogen transition; 3D animations of density distribution; Java-Applets for... see more

This mobile app for the iPad is a fun way for young children to learn to read. "It is designed by literacy experts for... see more

RasMol is free software for looking at molecular structures. You must download a free PDB data file for each molecule you... see more

The learning site is one of those sites where children can learn by playing with words. Its index has links for reading,... see more

Vygotsky's Sociocultural Learning Theory - Another great learning theory for educators

I liked this website very much because it allows its users to design speaking animated characters in minutes. I think it... see more

This is an amazing site. Classic videos and newer educational videos available for download. The best part is every video... see more

From our friends at Project First, this is an interactive lesson website that teaches us about the aurora phenomenon.

Teachers and students could use this to create short (30 second) videos to create enthusiasm about a concept, activity,... see more

The Time and Frequency Division, part of NIST's Physics Laboratory, maintains the standard for frequency and time... see more

This video offers instructors simple ideas for creating videos that will engage their students. While it refers to the... see more

Educational Games at The site offers games and simulations, based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements, and... see more

Students will view a video of the Monarch Butterfly’s life cycle. This video demonstrates the Monarch Butterfly’s life... see more

Professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University created this humorous, yet informative, review of copyright principles... see more

"A Language for Movement" (1996) is part of an Open University series entitled "Seeing through Mathematics". This 25... see more

"Spelling games, math games and quizzes that let you type your own spelling lists and quizzes into the games. Make... see more

First part of the series "Focus Human Rights". It deals with Civil and Political Rights, with Human Rights violations and... see more

This is a great site for kid?s grades first through eight. Easy to load and easy for kids to understand. In this site you... see more

This is a great site for kid?s grades first through eight. Easy to load and easy for kids to understand.