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Animation (.mpg) and audio (.au) of a demonstration of the inverse square law.

These applets show the lensing effect of ripples on the surface of a liquid. Two illustrations are available, one for... see more

Displays the electric and magnetic fields of a point charge moving at constant velocity in the x direction.

Physlet of an LRC applet. Frequency of the AC source is user-defined.

Physlet demonstrates the current, voltage, and power of a simple LRC circuit.

A collection of various applets to demonstrate some of the work of the Centre for Materials Measurement and Technology,... see more

This experiment is designed to further demonstrate the properties of the ideal gas law. Mirror site:... see more

This is an Animation of Michelson's Measurement of the Speed of Light. It includes a sample of how the speed was... see more

This java applet displays the molecular wave functions (molecular orbitals) of the hydrogen molecular ion (H2+) in 3-D.... see more

A description and illustration of motion diagrams using a physlet to demonstrate motion with constant velocity,... see more

An interactive, flash animated website on the math and science of Western Traditional Music.

This java applet illustrates relations between displacement, velocity and acceleration for one dimensional motion,... see more

An evolving and growing collecion of 3-D animations for introductory Electricity and Magnetism

The Mechanics Animations are part of a larger collection of Animations for Introductory Physics and Astronomy. The... see more

An interactive animation that shows a neighborhood and explains the physics behind the commonplace items in it, such as... see more

The 32 crystallographic point groups are rendered by the Rayshade 3-D ray tracing program.  Animated GIF movies and high... see more

A three-dimensional display of the Cartesian coordinate system.

Show the time development of electric fields from an accelerating charge.

Interactive animated demonstration shows how single oscillators make up a cosine wave.

(From the author) The following movies show animated plots of various frequency-dependent electrical features of... see more

A three-dimensional interactive display of the spherical polar coordinate system.

(From the author) The following movies show standing waves as the superposition of two sine waves traveling in opposite... see more