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The TEAMS project promotes inquiry science teaching in the elementary classroom by using digital technology to directly... see more

Numerous studies have found that electronic books can support children’s development of reading skills (De Jong & Bus,... see more

This website offers universally adaptable lab exercises as well as links to producers and vendors of adapted equipment... see more

Nothing in teaching is free of social dimensions and value questions. Teaching can therefore not be ‘neutral’, and... see more

The goal of this project is to promote the use of molecular data in the identification and exporation of biological... see more

this site contain many interactive tutorials based on biology. main topics are,ecology,biomes,cell,cellular... see more

This fun and engaging site allows the novice, as well as more advanced signer access to new American Sign Language (ASL)... see more

A project through Georgia Tech. its focus is about the common needs of individuals with disabilities and the usability of... see more

Link provides links to animated ppt math tutorials.  You will find several animated PowerPoint presentations that help... see more

I would like to bring to your attention a new STEM science teaching blog resource that focuses on biology core concepts.... see more

This video forms part of the "Being a Teacher" study pack of Saide's education series. It reflects on student teachers’... see more

This video forms part of Saide's Education Series Being a Teacher module. There is reflection on the doubts and concerns... see more

This video  which forms part of the Saide Education series "Being a Teacher" module provides a reflection on the... see more

This video is part of the Saide Education Series "Being a Teacher" module. The video shows the teacher as... see more

Being a Teacher, Professional Challenges and Choices. Teachers are not just teachers. They are also people. In straddling... see more

Being a Teacher: Professional Challenges and Choices, Section Four, The teacher’s authority: sustaining an effective... see more

This webpage has all lecture material, homeworks, homework solutions, and computer laboratories for a Calculus for... see more

A resource that uses the development of a chicken egg to allow students to examine a number of biological processes... see more

IVMS Autonomic and Cardiovascular Basic Mediclal Science IVMS ACVBMS is an upper-level undergraduate course designed for... see more

Optimal classification of cases into two groups must consider the costs of the different types of errors, the benefits of... see more

This is a Stand Alone Instructinal Resource (StAIR) designed to teach and test students on their understanding of... see more

The COCA Corpus, developed by Mark Davies at BYU, is a powerful tool for language learning and teaching (among other... see more

A collection of video tutorials on educational topics such as technology, business, libraries, information, and education

This audiotape is linked to Creating People Centred Schools learning guide, but carries debates which could also be used... see more