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This lesson provides practice balancing chemical equations.

This lesson provides practice converting between names and formulas for cations.

This lesson provides practice converting between chemical names and formulas.

This lesson provides practice completing common unit analysis conversion factors.

This lesson provides practice writing complete electron configurations and orbital diagrams.

This lesson allows you to practice converting between names and symbols for common elements.

This lesson provides practice converting between names and formulas for ionic compounds.

Molarity is the concentration of a solute in a solution, and learning how to calculate it is a key chemistry concept.... see more

A mole represents 6.022x10^23 atoms. An element's atomic mass is the mass of a single atom of that element. This Formula... see more

This lesson provides practice predicting whether ionic compounds are soluble in water.

This lesson provides practice identifying types of chemical substances.

Free Chemistry games. Learn to balance chemical equations with the Classic Chembalancer game. Review or enrich balancing... see more

Building your molecule from up to four elements from the Periodic Table, this Formula Solver shows you how to calculate... see more

Instructional shareware providing guided, interactive and in-depth instruction in General Chemistry at the college and... see more

Quantum numbers describe the state of electrons in an atom. Learn about the principal quantum number, orbital quantum... see more

covers the quantitative treatment of acid-base equilibria at somewhat greater breadth and depth than is available in... see more

This tutorial introduces students to basic chemistry lab safety procedures. It includes a tour of a virtual chemistry... see more

Reliability of a measurement; an introduction to simple statistics for science students. Average, mean, deviation from... see more