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Information concerning the input of international accent marks and diacriticals using QWERTY keyboards.

Collection of select online resources concerning "German as a foreign language" (including links and useful tips).

Interactive online language courses designed to teach by exploiting the interactive communication capabilities of the... see more

Comprehensive and growing online bi-directional German/English dictionary

Freeware program for the managment of bibliographic data (card catalog, quotes, etc.)

An extensive site dealing with the analysis (and definition) of poetry. Although set up to accompany a course, it can be... see more

Online dictionary in several language combinations.

Course- and homework questions answered. Registration required to submit questions. Database of previous questions and... see more

The sounds of Spanish, briefly explained (on one page), with examples, and accompanied by sound files.

An illustrated handbook of reliable, up to date information on the Federal Republic of Germany, including information and... see more

Various and sundry items related to working with vocabulary, including study hints and word lists (and "Superwoerter").

This is a program designed to support learning languages. However, it can be used for just about any subject.

Reasons for why one might want to study German. Note that much information presented pertains to studying in the UK... see more

An extremely simple German/English dictionary that also provides synonyms. The input language is automatically recognized... see more

The "Wortschatz-Lexikon" offers access to millions of words and phrases, displaying words as used in context. This is a... see more

Compact information (in English) on how to write basic letters in Spanish.

Compact information (in English) on how to write basic letters in German.

Compact information (in English) on how to write basic letters in Spanish.

Simple, fast German/Englisch online dictionary.

Eclectic collection of letters by various well and not-so-well-known Germans, prepared for reading. Includes vocabulary... see more

Site presents 50 years of German history after the founding of the BRD and the DDR in 1949. 

Tools (online) to create certain types of worksheets (puzzles, memory, wordsearch...). The site contains much more... see more

Information on the artists group Die Bruecke. Accompanies an exhibit at MOMA (NYC).