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Veterinary nurses need to have a firm grasp of the normal structure of an animal s body and how it functions before they... see more

 Liberté, by Gretchen Angelo, is a first-year college French textbook with a true communicative approach.Each chapter is... see more

he purpose of accounting is to provide a means of recording, reporting, summarizing, and interpreting economic data. In... see more

This course is a review of concepts of how accounting is designed to help management make its most important financial... see more

Biology is a complete educational tool for the high school student. The book will be introduced in two phases, covering... see more

The decisions that guide and shape these advances are profoundly important and often politically charged. Today, health... see more

A handbook about genetics that covers topics including: Cells and DNA; Cells, genes, and chromosomes; How Genes Work,... see more

Provides a summary of the main features of vertebrate immunity; introduces molecular processes; the dynamics of a single... see more

Economists and business people differ in their definitions of entrepreneurship. Most, however, agree that... see more

Applied Finite Mathematics Textbook online

OCW is pleased to make this textbook available online. Published in 1991 and still in print from Wellesley-Cambridge... see more

Elementary Algebra is a textbook that covers the traditional topics studied in a modern elementary algebra course. It is... see more

This is an 'undergraduate college level textbook covering first order predicate logic with identity but omitting... see more

Intermediate Algebra textbook in PDF form

Abstract: The book, Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications, presented in the following pages... see more

This 'is a resource for learning and teaching introductory statistics. It contains material presented in textbook format... see more

A chronological look at how the United States took shape -- from its origins as an obscure set of colonies on the... see more

Pre algebra text book for community college

This is an Internet-based E-Book for advanced-placement (AP) statistics educational curriculum. The E-Book is initially... see more

'This is a textbook created and edited as part of an education course, ECI 301, at Old Dominion University in Norfolk,... see more

Area of applied mathematics concerned with the data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation.

The complete contents of this algebra textbook are available here online. This text is suitable for high-school Algebra... see more

Book description: This is a text on elementary multivariable calculus, designed for students who have completed courses... see more