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This page provides resources to cloud computing tools for educators interested in storage, synchronization, creation of... see more

The WWW brings with it the opportunity for educators to share material on a global scale.  Fully online courses have been... see more

This brief (3:09) video demontrates a basic UML class diagram.

Bing Pulse is Microsoft's relatively new technology for live feedback from audiences of any size, during any event, and... see more

This web site is dedicated to simple video-related software that lets computer users do several useful things with... see more

Web developers can use this tool to check the integrity of their links, both local and remote. Results indicate broken... see more

This free Web page accessibility tool checks Web pages for ease of use by people with disabilities. Local files can be... see more

This comprehensive material, offered by the Open University, focuses on how to find the material you seek and how to... see more

The Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at MIT is one of the most well-known research laboratories in the world. It... see more

This NOVA site shows how forensic investigators tease secrets from the well-preserved bodies of people buried long ago in... see more

This HTML validator has a simple interface and will validate local files. It provides brief error messages with links to... see more

Provides an introduction to RSS news feeds.  This document explains what RSS is and how to create an RSS file including... see more

Big Think, newly opened, hopes to be "a YouTube for ideas." The site offers brief interviews with academics, authors,... see more

This site is about the "Code Talkers", native Americans who were asked to develop a way of transmitting secret messages... see more

This site provides links to quizzes on issues of concern to people interested in Internet safety. These include, among... see more

This site provides links to a large collection of PHP-related materials including software, scripts, tutorials, books,... see more

This tutorial explains how to use Word 2007's new Citation styler feature to add both a formatted bibliography and... see more

On this site are often stunning photos on a wide variety of topics.  Users can create their own slide shows comprised of... see more

PHP Resource Index lives up to its name.  It provides over 4,000 resources organized into 4 major cateogories:  Complete... see more

This online tutorial on PHP and MySQL for beginners offers 10 eChapters on topics from an introduction to PHP through... see more

This is a collection of resources for an Anatomy & Physiology class including microscope slides, models, specimens and a... see more

These tutorials for creating learning objects come with an overview, some basic information on its constructs and... see more

This is video clearly explains the conversion of decimal values to binary.  A second video, Binary: converting binary to... see more

This video clearly demonstrates the conversion of binary values to decimal.  There is a partner video, Binary: converting... see more