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This study examines the sources of venture financing of Chinese entrepreneurs in Wuhan, China. Based on a sample of 222,... see more

In this article we first argue that researchers in the area of financial distress and failure cannot ignore the... see more

Asset pricing models with atomistic agents typically relax assumptions concerning rationality and/or homogenous... see more

In this study, we analyze eBusiness entrepreneurs nominated by the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award program... see more

Do entrepreneurs consider the risk of their business equity when making investment portfolio allocations? Many people... see more

Financial capital is necessary not only for business formation but also for business survival and expansion: its role is... see more

We investigate the financial sources of small firms through a survey of sample firms from West Texas. Evidence shows that... see more

Access to capital is an on-going challenge for small firms. Capital is required to address a broad range of needs: to... see more

In some modern venture valuation approaches, option pricing theory plays an important role. The aim of this paper is to... see more

In this paper we examine the relationship between ownership differences and small firms’ financial policies using a... see more

This paper updates information about the databases available for researchers in conducting small business financial... see more

With the passage of the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, many small banks throughout the United States became... see more

China’s economy has developed in such a startling way that most people – economists or not – place, as starting from... see more

Literature pertaining to the “liability of newness” contends that newer firms face particular difficulties and a greater... see more

Since its implementation in 1994, NAFTA's impacts on trade have been extensively and positively evaluated at an aggregate... see more

This paper studies the consequences of using a debt contract to raise venture capital for an entrepreneurial project in... see more

Prior research suggests that firms owned by women and minorities are smaller, less profitable, and less growth-oriented... see more

The goal of this paper is to examine the impact of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on the investment strategies of young... see more

In this paper we analyze the frequency and information content of small Nasdaq stock trades and their impacts on return... see more

The advent of the Internet has opened many opportunities for bankers to access new customers, increase convenience and... see more

Recent evidence from U.S. markets shows that IPO underpricing is associated with high liquidity for issuing firms. One... see more

For venture capital firms, facing undiversifiable risks, multi-staged financing is an optimal contract which offers... see more

This study examines the extent to which individual demographic characteristics of owners influence capital structure... see more

In this paper we look at the effects of bargaining power on the types of entrepreneurial projects chosen by venture... see more