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This web page contains a series of animations and simulations related to magnetostatics. Topics include the magnetic... see more

This java applet displays the molecular wave functions (molecular orbitals) of the hydrogen molecular ion (H2+) in 3-D.... see more

A description and illustration of motion diagrams using a physlet to demonstrate motion with constant velocity,... see more

A collection of physlet-based illustrations or simulations, with related worksheets, for introductory physics as the high... see more

This is the beginning of a collection of drawings that are free for educational uses. The drawings are designed to be... see more

Applet showing the motion of a projectile. Includes the ability to change initial height, speed, and angle.

This Physlet-based exercise requires students to match the projectile motion of a object by solving for the initial... see more

A simulation of different pictures and patterns as viewed through different lenses. The index of refraction and... see more

A collection of Physlet exercises, mostly covering kinematics, forces, and energy.

This applet shows the impact of a curved space, in this case a sphere, on the transport of vectors. Also shown is the... see more

This applet shows the motion of a simple harmonic oscillator in one dimension. Position, velocity, and acceleration can... see more

This Physlet shows the time development of electric fields from an accelerating charge. Four different motion modes are... see more

A java application that requires the user to guide a particle through a maze. Either the position, velocity, or... see more

This material allows students to explore relativity and time dilation using data on K-meson decay in accelerators. It... see more

Part of the "Pendulum Lab", this applet simulates a simple pendulum. The length of the pendulum and the acceleration of... see more

This applet follows the rotation and translation of a wheel moving first across a frictionless surface, then on a rough... see more

A presentation of the physics of quantum two-level systems, with spin-1/2 being used as the canonical example. Includes... see more

This flash applet demonstrates the addition of vectors. An apparently unlimited number of vectors can be displayed and... see more

WebTOP is a 3D interactive computer graphics system that simulates and visualizes optical phenomena. Instructors can use... see more

Java applet showing the magnetic field due to a straight magnet. A compass can be moved to show the field direction, and... see more

This is an illustration of the circular magnetic fields around a straight current-carrying wire. Current flow (of... see more

This simulation shows states in a hard walled, circular quantum well in 2D. Linear combinations of energy eigenstates can... see more

A block moves on an inclined plane. Initial velocity and friction can be adjusted, and distances measured. Energy is also... see more

Online materials for information about aeronautics and flight.