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This lesson provides a number of kinesthetic exercises that illustrate how teamwork can contribute to efficient problem... see more

This lesson introduces how to calculate an arithmetic series, specifically Fibonacci. In the first of two hour-long... see more

Young people take the Internet for granted. Through a serious of web-based explorations and kinesthetic exercises... see more

Boolean logic is essential to understanding computer architecture. It is also useful in program construction and... see more

Students learn how alphanumeric symbols can be encoded for a multitude of fun purposes. In the first of two sessions... see more

Sherlock Holmes delighted in saying ‘It’s elementary, my dear Watson’. This lesson provides a brief overview of how... see more

This website explores the process of creating an online course using Merrill's First Principles of Instruction as an... see more

A look into our current education system

This website is an explanation of constructivism and Merrills First Principle

This webpage is part of a project for the following course:  Applying Learning Theories in Instructional Design.  It... see more

The Classic discrepant event activity was designed looking through the lens of connecting NASA-based resources to STEM... see more

This activity demonsrtates a structural engineering discrepant event. Have a adolescent child, with an approximate weight... see more

My educational philosohpy and how Gardner and Bloom work together in education

This is a powerpoint presentation assignment I created for Computer Application II students.   Usually I assign this at... see more

This is a very basic schedule for what I wish to cover in my first week of class.   It has links for my google calendar... see more

Lesson focuses on how wind energy can be generated on both a large and small scale. Student teams design and build a... see more

Lesson focuses on how watermills generate power. Student teams design and build a working watermill out of everyday... see more

Lesson focuses on wind tunnel tests that engineers in many industries use to when developing products such as airplanes,... see more

This lesson demonstrates how a hydraulic pump works. Students work in teams to design and build a unique water fountain... see more

Lesson focuses on water storage and how engineering helps communities preserve and supply water to populations. Students... see more