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Lesson plan for fifth and sixth graders (5th and 6th) to identify 21 Spanish speaking countries using technology and... see more

Lesson for 2nd grade students involving ordinal numbers. It contains Internet links to interactive resources and videos.

This is a website dedicated to a unit on penguins.

This lesson plan was designed for 1st graders who are just learning about solid geometry.

This is the third of three lesson plans that address gender stereotypes. The purpose of the lesson is to encourage... see more

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Ginger beer with yeast science experiment steps to inquiry  

The following is a webpage discussing constructivism and the backward design model.  It details each and how they can be... see more

'The Advanced Resistive Exercise Device, or ARED, is one of the exercise devices astronauts use aboard the International... see more

How Collaboration leadsto educational engagement in students

Communication and Intergenerational Classrooms

This lesson plan introduces students to the concepts related to building an energy efficient home, including green... see more

This class exercise asks students to complete a lighting and electrical plan for a building in the most energy efficient... see more

This research assignment asks building design students to research manufacturers and companies that produce kitchen and... see more

This final class project asks building design students to evaluate a space and determine the materials needed in that... see more

'Maintaining a permanent human presence on the International Space Station requires a well organized and precise life... see more

The Real World Learning Objects (RWLO) Resource Library is "an online repository of Internet-based unique and compelling... see more

This assignment from Betty Ravnik of Alexandria Technical College asks residential design students to "identify the... see more

This assignment from Betty Ravnik of Alexandria Technical College asks residential design students to create a floor plan... see more

This lesson plan will help students learn the practical applications of sustainable building practices. Students will... see more

This learning activity from The Mechatronics Education Center's Project SHINE asks students to work in small groups to... see more