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This page has information on how to provide enough contrast between text and its background so that it can be read by... see more

This is a resource to provide information on how to make images accessible. The article discusses the use of “alt text”... see more

The purpose of this tool is to identify the primary language of a document and any language changes. This is important... see more

This article discusses the nature of HTML, using headings for content structure, and the correct way to use lists and... see more

This article gives some considerations to developers who want to design for more usable and enjoyable interactions.  

This article discusses techniques relating to Success Criterion 1.3.1 for tagged PDF documents with lists

Provides a set of game accessibility guidelines for basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each set contains general,... see more

This article discusses conversions settings for ebooks. It introduces the conversion system as designed like a pipeline,... see more

This webpage discusses HTML content structure and different sections within it.

This article discusses ways to make Word created web content more accessible. This includes converting Word to HTML and... see more

Several techniques used to assess for usability/accessibility are covered, providing background on the importance of... see more

A list of methods to changing accessibility options for several devices and operating systems. Covers Microsoft, Apple,... see more

Contains the accessibility statement of California State University with regards to the procurement of materials,... see more

Contains all the basics required for developing an accessibility plan/initiative for a university, including a mission... see more

Explains EPUB3 accessibility guidelines relating to establishing logical reading order.

The BC Open Textbook Accessibility Toolkit is a collaboration between British Columbia Campus and Centre for Accessible... see more

Nomensa is an agency which specializes in User Experience and Information Architecture. Nomensa /blog contains... see more

Textbook Titled: Essentials of Assistive Technologies. Discusses the importance of adjustable font and color features on... see more

Universal Design for Learning resources developed by CAST, ensure accessibility to Media and Materials. This resource... see more

California State University Professional Development for Accessible Technology guides for documents and multimedia. This... see more

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education guidelines for increasing universal access to educational... see more

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education guidelines for increasing universal access to educational... see more

This material is an internet application provided by Google Chrome which transcribes audio recordings into text formats.

This material includes information on video captioning and transcription and issues of video accessibility for viewers... see more