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Digital case stories of exemplary teachers leading the first day of a class, including an analysis of goals for the first... see more

Kent Farnsworth, Director of the Community College Leadership Program (University of Missouri St. Louis),  discusses his... see more

Beth Landers and Susan Yoder Kreger,, Professors of Foreign Language (University of Missouri St. Louis), discuss their... see more

Faculty member Dennis Pearl (Ohio State University) discusses his experience of redesigning his Statistics course.  

Faculty member Peter Decherney (University of Pennsylvania) discusses his experience using various video projects in his... see more

Writing Professor, Jacqui Sadashige (University of Pennsylvania), discusses her experience of using video projects in her... see more

Law Proffessor Regina Austin (University of Pennsylvania) discusses using video projects in her Visual Legal Advocacy... see more

Several case stories from several member institutions of the Texas Faculty Development Network (Texas Tech University,... see more

Technical & Professional Writing faculty member Neil Lindeman (San Francisco State University) discusses his experience... see more

Brief document describing student engagement strategies for variety of technologies to be used in courses.

The site includes pages on instructional design, interaction and feedback, incorporating media, course management, and... see more

A social learning ecosystem for faculty.

This is a short video that suggests that Web 2.0 tools have the power to transform education. Such a transformation... see more

This is a paper published in The Journal of Educators Online. It is an excellent paper dealing with the competencies for... see more

Dr. M. David Merrill, Founder and director of the Division of Instructional Research, Development and Evaluation at... see more

The Flipped Classroom Resource Page compiled by the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development, Michigan State... see more

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of active engagement. Issues include assessing training needs... see more

This site from SERC describes the features of game-based learning, explains why you should use games to teach, and also... see more

This site suggests that "discussion sections are a great opportunity to use active learning strategies to make your... see more

This PDF document is an excellent (and relatively brief) paper that describes how to help students develop those all... see more

Download the supporting PDF file for this episode from the Learning to Teach Online project website.... see more

The author describes how a statistics professor uses humor in his classroom to decrease student anxiety towards... see more

This article describes how humor can provide benefits in the college classroom. Humor is appreciated by both students and... see more