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An online exposition of the life and works of Jean-Paul Sartre during his centennial celebration in France. From the... see more

If someone wants to learn the Serbian language through authentic video interviews filmed by native speakers in country,... see more

Latino USA is an English-language radio program of news and culture, produced from a Latino perspective. Its purpose is... see more

Colby College students visited major Moroccan cities visiting women's organizations and exploring the country. Videos... see more

Description and audio recordings of some phonetic variations among French speakers in France with special attention given... see more

French songs for kids and adults, children's poetry and children's literature.

An article by a Lawrence University professor on stereotypes and misperceptions regarding the French language and... see more

This tutorial presents vocabulary and grammar rules for telling time in Spanish.  It contains listen and repeat exercises... see more

This is a full length video of a Conference held at the Wilson Center which was video-conferenced with Minister of... see more

Video, questions, answers and hints.   CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading.   Can-Do Statement: Can understand the main... see more

French Ministry of Culture official site commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of nineteenth century writer... see more

The sounds of Spanish, briefly explained (on one page), with examples, and accompanied by sound files.

Explanation of Spanish Stem-changing verbs and practice exercises

An illustrated handbook of reliable, up to date information on the Federal Republic of Germany, including information and... see more

TRIP is a web site cataloging lesson plans geared to subject/grade level and aligning them with the state curriculum... see more

20 slides explain paragraphs and topic sentences. CEFR Activity: Reception / Reading. Can-Do Statement: Can scan longer... see more

Video from TEDx Talks YOUTUBE channel with comprehension questions and Hebrew subtitles, intended as a learning object... see more

Découvrez 20 des plus célèbres des poèmes de Paul Verlaine à travers vingt commentaires composés. Laissez-vous bercer par... see more

Compact information (in English) on how to write basic letters in Spanish.

Compact information (in English) on how to write basic letters in German.

Compact information (in English) on how to write basic letters in Spanish.

Eclectic collection of letters by various well and not-so-well-known Germans, prepared for reading. Includes vocabulary... see more

Site presents 50 years of German history after the founding of the BRD and the DDR in 1949. 

'발리에서 생긴 일' 중에서 전화 통화