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Select a language from the menu (French, German, Spanish are available [for that matter, so is English]). Intended to... see more

An eclectic internet repository of (mostly German) poems and lyrics. Poems can be browsed alphabetically (by author) or a... see more

A bi-directional German/English online dictionary, with various search options as well as some additional materials.

A fully-refereed academic journal which aims to promote research and teaching in the field of German Language. Publishes... see more

Collection of exercises, some general, some pertaining to specific texts. Subscription fee for certain features.

"German for Music Lovers" is a collection of language-learning resources for students, teachers and anyone who loves... see more

Wie alt bist du? Listen to the characters tell you how old they are in German and then put them in the correct box.

German vocab lists, grammar guides, lesson plans, articles and learning activities.

Diagnostic and Practice Exercises in German on comparisons and the superlative. Immediate feedback. This module is part... see more

Exercises and games in French ,German, Spanish and Italian  to engage FL learners.

Explanation of grammar concepts, along with exercises.

This site is intended to provide students, readers, and translators of German with a concise and comprehensive reference... see more

Kiron University (2014) offers a vista of opportunity for refugees to pursue a tuition-free, four-year International... see more

Collection of select online resources concerning "German as a foreign language" (including links and useful tips).

Interactive online language courses designed to teach by exploiting the interactive communication capabilities of the... see more

Comprehensive and growing online bi-directional German/English dictionary

Freeware program for the managment of bibliographic data (card catalog, quotes, etc.)

An extensive site dealing with the analysis (and definition) of poetry. Although set up to accompany a course, it can be... see more

Online dictionary in several language combinations.

German-English and English-German on-line dictionary. Access to a downloadable version with exercises and word games.

Various downloadable realia (bus tickets, menus, etc) in either French, German or Croatian.

Course- and homework questions answered. Registration required to submit questions. Database of previous questions and... see more

An illustrated handbook of reliable, up to date information on the Federal Republic of Germany, including information and... see more