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A large collection of information on knot theory.

This is a page of links to applets that can be used in courses below the level of calculus.  Most of these applets have... see more

A free interactive math textbook on the web, initially covering high-school geometry. Many of the topics are accompanied... see more

By means of four spin buttons, the user specifies the directrix, the focus and the eccentricity for a conic section; an... see more

This archive is designed as a resource for enriching your courses with mathematical Fun Facts! It is designed to pique... see more

This free, online textbook was developed from the lecture notes of the author.

A description of the five Platonic solids and their extensions into higher dimensions.

A geometry question relating to analysys

This is a free, online textbook.  According to the author, "I wrote this book in a "do-it-yourself" style so that I give... see more

Reuleaux Triangle is an example of a constant width shape other than the circle. The applet illustrates its ability to... see more

A beginning PowerPoint guide to understanding basic geometry.  The presentation covers one-, two-, and three-dimensional... see more

Illustrates geometrical relationships between the sides of related triangles.

This applet shows the impact of a curved space, in this case a sphere, on the transport of vectors. Also shown is the... see more

Illustrates a theorem using the Pythagoras diagram but yielding a surprising triangle.

In solving this puzzle, you permute rows, columns, and quadrants in a 4x4 array of 2-color tiles to make a variety of... see more

This module develops the reciprocal transformation w = 1/z in the complex number setting.

A collection of downloadable software programs under the GNU freeware license that illustrate aspects of geometry and... see more

This site is designed to be a comprehensive resource for mathematicans and others interested in topology in its broadest... see more

Touch Pythagoras: The Pythagorean Theorem Interactive. You can change the lengths of the legs (dragging). You can change... see more

This calculator computes the angles of a triangle given 3 sides.

Gives the lengths of altitude and median along with radii of incircle and circumcircle.

Complete Classroom InterActivity for exploring the fact: If the median to the longest side of a triangle and the two... see more

This (STAIR) activity will introduce the three geometric ratios (sine, cosine, tangent) and teach the relationships... see more

A large collection of applets designed to demonstrate basic mathematics. Many foreign-language versions available.