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This article goes into detail about the current drugs used as treatment for Trypanosomiasis, also known as African... see more

This is a free, online textbook that "contains 2- and 3-dimensional, anatomical reference slides of zebrafish to support... see more

This activity challenges students to think about the relationship between summer flowering plants and the butterflies... see more

This website is a teaching commons resulting from a partnership between MERLOT and the author of the site.  Other MERLOT... see more

'Frog Dissection from Punflay, is a greener alternative for teaching dissection in the classroom. This iPad app is... see more

This is a goal-directed instructional design plan which focuses on learning the steps of The Scientific Method. The... see more

A video lecture of Chapter 3 in the textbook entitled: Campbell Biology 9th Edition.  This video lecture is one of 4 in... see more

Use this tutorial to explore the growth and division processes for plant cells -- interphase, mitosis, prophase,... see more

The Pocket Seed Experiment is a teaching package focused on the importance of light to plant growth. It is designed for... see more

'The Promega App provides reference information and tools for life scientists. It combines tools for use at the bench,... see more

In this activity students explore the concepts of migration, hibernation and adaptation to the cold as mechanisms to... see more

כיצד ניתן להעריך כמה מינים מאכלסים את כדור הארץ? ומדוע חשוב לשמור על המגוון הביולוגי?

A collection of over 1,000 journal title citations with links to the full text by subscription only. ScienceDirect... see more

Oxford University Press offers developing countries free (or greatly reduced rate) access to many of our journals via our... see more

In the < For Literary Agents and Publishers > directory one will find a paper I have written which focuses upon the force... see more

Presented through Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist, these biology experiments are designed for students to do... see more

The Bird Finder helps curious learners identify birds from the North American Southwest. This resource is available... see more

Busy Bones is a group of activities aimed at teaching students about bones and human anatomy. These include experiments,... see more

Scientists are learning new things every day. They are also writing about their discoveries. In most cases they publish... see more

The "Tree of Life", is a graphical representation of the relationships between approximately 3000 species.  This image... see more

Venom! is an activity center about protein folding. It includes an activity (you can build your own protein channel from... see more

The Zoom Gallery allows you to zoom from macro to at times microscopic levels on items in the gallery, including pollen,... see more

דף מידע המכיל הרצאה מוסרטת, בה מונה המיקולוג פול סטאמטס שש דרכים בהן תפטיר הפטריות יכול לסייע להצלת היקום: ניקוי אדמה... see more

החל מאמצע המאה ה-19, מופיעות תיאוריות שונות על שאלת מוצא החיים, המתבססות על תיאוריית האבולוציה שנוסחה לראשונה במפורט... see more