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MIT OCW is a large scale, web-based electronic publishing initiative whose goals are to : Provide free, searchable access... see more

Crazy Enginneers is a social network website to unite the worldwide community of engineering disciplines (currentlyy: ... see more

The Spirit of Aviation is an organization of members with a wide range of aviation interests and backgrounds. They... see more

This is a very helpful site for learning about fluid dynamics!

This video was recorded at ESA is opening the doors to Slovenia / ESA odpira vrata Sloveniji. The Ministry of Higher... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Host: Technology and Culture Forum. Chomsky launches a savage, two-pronged assault... see more

A Java-tized Web-site with great information about Space Shuttle flights, etc.

This course presents aerospace propulsive devices as systems, with functional requirements and engineering and... see more

This course provides an introduction to the transportation industry's major technical challenges and considerations. For... see more

An excellent engineering video collection designed to globally showcase what is going on today in the design engineering... see more

This video was recorded at AeroAstro at MIT. About the Lecture Chris Kraft manages to present in a single event the... see more

Live telemetry data from NASA to plot shuttle location

This video was recorded at AeroAstro at MIT. William Gerstenmaier knows the U.S. space program inside out -- both... see more

The fundamental concepts, and approaches of aerospace engineering, are highlighted through lectures on aeronautics,... see more

The basic objective of Unified Engineering is to give a solid understanding of the fundamental disciplines of aerospace... see more

This course is taught in four main parts. The first is a review of fundamental thermodynamic concepts (e.g. energy... see more

This course introduces the design of feedback control systems as applied to a variety of air and spacecraft systems.... see more

This course extends fluid mechanic concepts from Unified Engineering to the aerodynamic performance of wings and bodies... see more

The course begins with the basics of compressible fluid dynamics, including governing equations, thermodynamic context... see more

The major focus of 16.13 is on boundary layers, and boundary layer theory subject to various flow assumptions, such as... see more

Applies solid mechanics to analysis of high-technology structures. Structural design considerations. Review of... see more

This course introduces analysis techniques for complex structures and the role of material properties in structural... see more

16.225 is a graduate level course on Computational Mechanics of Materials. The primary focus of this course is on the... see more

This course focuses on the design of control systems. Topics covered include: frequency domain and state space... see more