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1.040 covers three important aspects of construction project management: the theory, methods and quantitative tools used... see more

1.040 Project Management focuses on the management and implementation of construction projects, primarily infrastructure... see more

This subject provides an introduction to the mechanics of materials and structures. You will be introduced to and become... see more

1.050 is a sophomore-level engineering mechanics course, commonly labelled "Statics and Strength of Materials" or "Solid... see more

This course aims at providing students with a solid background on the principles of structural engineering design.... see more

The main objective of 1.054/1.541 is to provide students with a rational basis of the design of reinforced concrete... see more

This subject provides an introduction to fluid mechanics. Students are introduced to and become familiar with all... see more

This class serves as an introduction to mass transport in environmental flows, with emphasis given to river and lake... see more

This sophomore-level course is a project-oriented introduction to the principles and practice of engineering design.... see more

In this sophomore design course, you will be challenged with three design tasks: a first concerning water... see more

This course introduces the concepts, techniques, and devices used to measure engineering properties of materials. There... see more

This course introduces students to basic properties of structural materials and behavior of simple structural elements... see more

This is a foundation subject in modern software development techniques for engineering and information technology. The... see more

This course is a core requirement for the Masters in Engineering program, designed to teach students about the roles of... see more

This class covers quantitative analysis of uncertainty and risk for engineering applications. Fundamentals of... see more

1.201J/11.545J/ESD.210J is required for all first-year Master of Science in Transportation students. It would be of... see more

The main objective of this course is to give broad insight into the different facets of transportation systems, while... see more

This course covers concepts of computation used in analysis of engineering systems. It includes the following topics:... see more

Explores a variety of models and optimization techniques for the solution of airline schedule planning and operations... see more

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) represent a major transition in transportation on many dimensions. This course... see more

Approaching transportation as a complex, large-scale, integrated, open system (CLIOS), this course strives to be an... see more

This class surveys the current concepts, theories, and issues in strategic management of transportation organizations. It... see more

Carrier systems involve the design, operation and management of transportation networks, assets, personnel, freight and... see more

Design, operation, and management of traffic flows over complex transportation networks are the foci of this course. It... see more