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Inventory control is concerned with minimizing the total cost of keeping goods in stock. This JavaScript compute the... see more

Extensive compendium of websites, categorized into general resources, journal websites, societies and organizations, and... see more

It is a JavaScript that performs matrix multiplication with up to 10 rows and up to 10 columns. Moreover, it computes the... see more

It is a JavaScript that performs matrix multiplication with up to 4 rows and up to 4 columns. Moreover, it computes the... see more

Industry links, training information in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Crazy Enginneers is a social network website to unite the worldwide community of engineering disciplines (currentlyy: ... see more

Students in ESD.00 work on projects to address large, complex and seemingly intractable real-world problems, such as... see more

San Francisco Circuits is a PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly provider that has a PCB school section of their website.... see more

This course introduces programming languages and techniques used by physical scientists: FORTRAN, C, C++, MATLAB®, and... see more

This course introduces students to the modeling, quantification, and analysis of uncertainty.  The tools of probability... see more


The Digital Commons Network: Engineering Commons contains 114,500+ Open Access full-text articles pertaining to... see more

Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems. It... see more

This course provides a deep understanding of engineering systems at a level intended for research on complex engineering... see more

ESD.83 Doctoral Seminar in Engineering Systems examines the core theory and contextual applications of the emerging field... see more

The course presents an in-depth interdisciplinary perspective of electric power systems, with regulation providing the... see more

This is a complete college textbook, including a detailed Table of Contents, seventeen Chapters (each with a set of... see more

When slings are used to lift loads, safety professionals must ensure the weight does not exceed the safe working load... see more

Networks are a ubiquitous way to represent complex systems, including those in the social and economic sciences. The goal... see more

ESD.864 Modeling and Assessment for Policy explores how scientific information and quantitative models can be used to... see more

This is a free book from BookBoon. This highly popular Engineering Pocket Guide is crammed full of up-to-date, handy... see more

Tecnología de la seguridad en máquinas e instalaciones Este manual le ayudara a: • Seleccionar y disenar mecanismos de... see more

Finite element analysis is now widely used for solving complex static and dynamic problems encountered in engineering and... see more