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The embryology sequence provides an understanding of the organogenesis of the major structures of the body, including the... see more

This article tells about the yoga, how to do yoga, and types of yoga for beginners.

This is a free, online textbook.  According to the author, "This Primer aims to present the characteristic features of... see more

Chapter 4 of an online textbook developed by OER Africa.  Downloadable as a PDF file. Includes case studies. Adult HIV... see more

The potential for cervical spine injury makes airway management more complex in the trauma patient. A cervical spine... see more

An app to help guide care for neonatal jaundice based on gestional age and other risk factors.  Displays phototherapy... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by WikiBooks.  As such, it is continually being updated.  According to the... see more

' WHY WE’RE BETTER THAN OTHER APPS  ■ Largest food database of any Android calorie counter – over 2,000,000 foods and... see more

This is part of the Merck Manuals that deals with Critical Care.  Some of the topics here include:  Acute Lung Injury and... see more

"When resources (personnel, equipment, drugs and funding) are limited, an anaesthetist with good clinical skills and a... see more

This HIBBS presentation provides background on how to assess the value of a medical informatics solution, explains... see more

A list of medical terms in Spanish with sound bytes and pronounciation guides.

Essentials of Pain Management is a concise yet comprehensive evidence-based guide to what is now recognized as the “fifth... see more

'This application provides the latest information related to the use of alcohol during pregnancy and fetal alcohol... see more

This free textbook/course "will help you to identify and use information in health and lifestyle, whether for your work,... see more

This interactive template was created for HIBBs module developers or users of HIBBs in training activities as a tool to... see more

This is part of the free online Merck Manual that deals with Genitourinary Disorders.  Sub-topics include Abnormal Renal... see more

This free textbook/mini-course is designed to provide health professionals who work in the area of reproduction a general... see more

This is a free, open textbook that is part of the Connexions collection at Rice University. According to the authors,... see more

This site is part of the free Merck Online Manual that covers immunology and allergic disorders.  Some of the sub-topics... see more

This site is a portion of the free Merck Online Manual and includes information about both injuries and poisoning.  Some... see more

This HIBB presentation provides background information on bases, amino acids, proteins, nucleotides and DNA. The... see more

This HIBB first covers the physical components of a computer and their usage, such as keyboards, monitors, and USB... see more

This text was designed for use in the human osteology laboratory classroom. Bones are described to aid in identification... see more