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From the author: "I used my program JSV1.08 to reproduce the structure drawings in the booklet of Physica C, 1994:... see more

From the author: "In JSV1.08 I added the generation of nano-cones and chiral nano tubes. The height of the cones and the... see more

This web site contains resources for an introductory graduate Solid State course. It contains lecture notes, background... see more

A program for drawing Stereographic Pole Projections for any crystal symmetry and any orientation.

You can set up any coordinate system in 3-6 dimensional space. This program is very useful for visualizing geometrical... see more

Applet and tutorial. Links to references, worksheet, quiz, and SPICE model included.

This is a simple Ising-type model written in Java. It simulates a system of spins located on the grid points of a... see more

Applet demonstrates X-ray formfactor curves.

Applet calculates direct or reciprocal cell dimensions.

Cogent Physics is a fully peer reviewed, open access journal with a mission to help researchers communicate with a global... see more

This program serves the indexation of zone axes of decagonal quasicrystals with different periodicities (phases... see more

Images demonstrating Fourier transforms generated by the authors JFourier3 utility (also listed in MERLOT).

Illustrates indirect recombination via an energy state in the band gap, as well as some Shockley-Read-Hall processes.

Our applet simulates hysteresis using a random-field ising model developed by Jim Sethna and his group. You can run our... see more

This applet shall visualize the shape of different unit cells and the relations between directional vectors [uvw] and the... see more

Commercial package that is anon-browser implementation of JCrystalGallery by the same author (also listed in MERLOT),... see more

Graphical images of basic crystal shapes. Right-clicking on the image changes the properties of the image.

This applet demonstrates how an incident X-ray beam intensity is reduced in various directions when hitting a spherically... see more

Java utilities developed for 3-D graphical display of crystal images. Should be useful to those needing to display... see more

Select this link to view the Laminate Damage Simulator, developed at NPL. This simulation interacts with a high-quality... see more

This applet shows the vibration of a discrete breather in a fcc structure diatomic crystal.

""A graphical illustration of the formation of a PN junction diode and its band diagram.""

This NPL simulation is designed to show the effects of various parameters on the resistivity/conductivity of selected... see more

This is a simulation of a spin model (a so-called Z(N) model) written in Java. The degrees of freedom of the system are... see more