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This site contains an extensive set of notes on basic topics in physics. There are extensive illustrations and animations... see more

Demonstrates vibrations by a chain of individual particles.

Demonstrates constructive and destructive interference.

There are ma­ny reasons to g­et an ultrasound. Perhaps you're pregnant, and your obstetrician wants you to have an... see more

Extensive theoretical discussion (text only) of the propagation of a transverse wave.

An interactive demonstration of the Doppler effect.

Introductory explanation of basic mechanical wave properties. Hyperlinks provided to subtopics.

Tutorial on Fourier Series, including an applet showing the summation of Fourier terms for a number of different... see more

Two applets demonstrate the appearance of Lissajous figures. Tutorial included.

Applets demonstrate the relationship between longitudinal/transverve wave motion and oscillatory motion.

A simple demonstration of longitudinal waves. Parameters user-defined.

Demonstrates constructive and destructive interference of longitudinal waves.

Tutorial and applet on basic acoustical physics. Includes a table of sound velocities in various gases.

Applets and tutorial on mechanical waves. One applet covers the normal modes of vibration, the other covers a forced... see more

This is a complete tutorial on oscillatory motion, complete with extensive explanations and references. On the left side... see more

Interactive 3D applet with slits as polarizators. Reflected waves are also computed, but with high coefficient of... see more

=/*+Applet and tutorial that illustrates the basic quantum mechanical properties of the potential well

Two applets and tutorial on the basic quantum mechanical properties of the potential well.

Applet shows how a container of particles can propagate a longitudinal wave.

Illustrates the diffraction of light through a drop of water.

Applet and tutorial covering basic properties of waves.

This tutorial explores the incident and reflected angles of a single light wave impacting on a smooth surface.

Extensive theory and applet describing single-slit diffraction at a more advanced level than the usual.