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This online lesson discusses the advice that Franklin gives for thinking well with others. This advice is quite... see more

Blocus s’adresse aux étudiants entrant à l’université, et plus spécialement aux étudiants qui se dédient à une formation... see more

Esquisse, sous forme de présentation Powerpoint, de l'orientation probable du régime de partenariat post Brexit entre... see more

Online resource for students of Canadian Communication policy. Composed of three sections: Question and Answer using a... see more

This site is easy to find and access.  On this site you can ask questions about your can by asking Tom and Ray.  Tom and... see more

This learning object was developed as part of the course, the Web Communication - ISCAP. Your theme concerns the... see more

The following moodle archive and documents are used for a course entitled Research Desing in Political Science (or in... see more

Developed to deliver educational content throughout Europe, the KPS facilitates the sharing and reuse of educational... see more

The French Open Educational Resources (OER) Portal, containing 30,000+ high-quality OERs, 15,000+ videos, and French OER... see more

Hilaroad is a site where one can find many learning objects related to all types of science. This site includes... see more

An incredible amount of information on one site!  This is an excellent site for children to adults.  There is almost no... see more

IBM Watson (2006), Semantic Web 3.0:  Cognitive Computing & Cognitive Systems/Open Developer Technology Platform... see more

Shows how to construct and use knowledge surveys. I had to put this in manually because MERLOT's search engine does not... see more

(EN) Land Rush plunges the gamer in a simulation of a rush for land and natural resources. Players take up the role of... see more

The content tackles the relationship between hypnosis sessions and the possibility of using  second languages during... see more

This is a lesson plan for a role play activity where instructors can interact with students who display various forms of... see more

REESWEB is the Virtual Library for Russian and Eastern European Studies maintained by the University of Pittsburgh.... see more

Online resource for students of rhetorical theory. Composed of three sections: Question and Answer using a chatbot; round... see more

Science Stage is a free streaming video platform for business, research, and education to share their knowledge, ideas,... see more

An online instructional module at the ICPSR that introduces university students to the methodology of quantitative social... see more

SISYPHOS is an Archaeology Database containing professional resources (websites/ articles/publications) about ancient... see more

"SoftChalk CONNECT, is an educator’s community where you can create interactive learning objects, tag them with meta data... see more

Tables de probabilités et de statistiques : Table de calcul de probabilité pour la loi binomiale Table de calcul de... see more