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שלושה עד שמונה אחוזים מהילדים בגיל בית הספר היסודי סובלים מהפרעות קשב וריכוז. ישנו פער גדול בין הידע הרווח בציבור לגביי... see more

Resources relating to Alzheimer's Disiease.

List of links to psychology-relevant gender and sexuality materials on the web.   "AmoebaWeb is an American Psychological... see more

This video was recorded at 24th Annual International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), Corvallis 2007. In everyday... see more

The role of parents in shaping the characters of their children, the causes of violence and crime, and the roots of... see more

This free online course is offered as audio lectures on iTunes. 'The study of age-related cognitive, social and emotional... see more

Focuses on the core processes of growth and development in early to middle childhood. Considers developmental theories,... see more

This is a course that consists of 28 audio lectures found on iTunes 'UC Davis psychology lecturer Victoria Cross delivers... see more

Note:  This is only Chapter 1 of the book, "Developmental Psychology - Childhood and Adolescence," which is the only... see more

Explains how infants and children form attachments and the effects of daycares and outside babysitters.

'Developmental psychology, also known as Human Development, is the scientific study of progressive psychological changes... see more

This site has a multitude of fact sheets for all different types of disorders that may plague children and adolescents. A... see more


'This second volume contains the further investigations of Professor Preyer on the mind of the child. The former volume... see more

'Having read with much care the proof sheets of this book, I am prepared to say three things about it, and it gives me... see more

Information related to Washoe and chimps and language.

Resources for parents-to-be, as well as parents of infants and small children.

It gives a brief summary of what the disease is about, the possible causes of the disease, diagnosis, and current... see more

This cite basically gives information on how to control and prevent diseases from spreading and killing infants. It also... see more

A study of how many women are abused while pregnant in West Virginia.

El desarrollo humano requiere de la vivencia personal y colectiva de diversas experiencias que nos permitirán el... see more

The ICI is a university affiliated program at the University of Minnesota. Its website examines research, training,... see more

"This series of Midlife Web Pages provide maps as general orientations to midlife. If you are to take the midlife... see more

"Working in harmony to enhance and strengthen community-based, family-centered SIDS & infant death risk reduction and... see more