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This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle.  Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

OER Glue is meant to help people develop their own courses.  It provides guidance for 1) gathering resources, 2) adding... see more

This case study compares students’ learning experience and outcomes in the lecture and online versions of a first-year... see more

The authors suggest three protocols that can be built into the fabric of online courses in order that a sense of... see more

The authors discuss a case study experience in conducting scientific courses such as EnvironmentalChemistry and... see more

This study involved an investigation of the practice of online teaching and learning in the Faculty of Education at the... see more

Open educational resources are teaching, learning, and research resources that are created with the intention of being... see more

The Web is being hailed by some as a transforming power for education in the leadup to the 21st century. Clearly we can... see more

This case study of a university-level course delivered by computer conferencing examined student participation and... see more

The authors did an extensive literature review of online teaching and also directly questioned participants in their... see more

Assessments and evaluations conducted over the past 15 years have attempted to shed light on the academic rigor of... see more

This paper describes an online course designed for distance students who were having difficulty adapting to the... see more

The purpose of the project was to implement and eavluate a professional development model for online instructors that is... see more

Deakin University completed an extensive evaluation of learning management systems (LMS) to select an enterprise level... see more

This Special Issue of the Journal of Interactive Media in Education, which is 'reusing' the Reusing Online Resources book... see more

This paper outlines an e-learning services architecture offering semantic-based services to students and tutors, in... see more

This case study examines the experiences of one participant in the Making the Virtual Classroom a Reality program... see more

This paper describes the early phases of a systems change approach being implemented at Southern Cross University. An... see more

This paper identifies the five unresolved challenges in digital education at the university level. Those challenges are:... see more

This article reports on a large-scale exploratory study that determined the underlying constructs that comprise student... see more

This study examines whether hits to a Web site have any value for predicting student performance in a traditional course... see more

The purpose of this study was to assess a new online course format for dental students. The study population was 53 first... see more

This article presents a qualitative case study of a Web-based distance education course at a major U.S. university. The... see more

'e-Learning is transforming the way New Zealand tertiary education institutions teach and support their students. To make... see more