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Why does the moon always show the same face to Earth? Is this unique or commonplace in the solar system? These are some... see more

See how a 'skyscraper's worth' of information can be shrunk to a tiny handful without losing the important stuff.... see more

Be the Mastermind Behind the Mission! Outwit the computer virus that has scrambled the Hubble Space Telescope's Servicing... see more

Astronomical distances, even within our own solar system, are very difficult to imagine. In this activity, students... see more

Grades 2 - 9. In this activity, students make an ice cream comet adding their own choice of "comet debris". They trade... see more

This website shows our world in the infrared light and teaches us about the benefits of infrared technology. It includes... see more

This is a spanish website. This website shows our world in the infrared light and teaches us about the benefits of... see more

At Home Astronomy is a website that contains ten hands-on space science and astronomy activities for the entire family.... see more

This color Solar System Lithograph Set contains lithographs of: Our Solar System, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon,... see more

A collection of questions relevant to the science and mission of the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, submitted by students and... see more

This feature will give an impression of how immense our Universe is by employing a method used many times in "Power of... see more

Galaxies are so large, and so far away, that you could never see them move just by looking -- even if you looked for a... see more

Using surfer lingo, introduces the concept of gravitational waves. Describes their probable sources (binary star systems,... see more

A guide for teachers and students from grades 8-12 and undergraduates. Takes students from assumptions about gravity to a... see more

Four interrelated lesson plans explore the dynamic nature of the Sun, magnetic fields of the Earth, magnetic... see more

An annotated, topical guide to science fiction novels and stories based on good astronomy and physics ideas. Find the... see more

The Sun-Earth Media Viewer is a Flash-based interactive tool kit built to support NASA/SECEF’s major public outreach... see more

This engaging National Science Education Standards-aligned guide will provide teachers with fun Mars-related hands-on... see more

This guide is designed to provide educators with a quick reference to materials and resources that are useful for... see more

The CSE@SSL website provides resources for K-12 educators, space scientists and the general public. Scientists can find... see more

A collection of 20 problems and activities that explore concepts in space science, space physics and space weather, and... see more

This lithograph is part of the Solar System Lithograph Set. It can be used by formal education, informal education, and... see more

This was created by the science team as a general overview of the mission. It can be copied in large landscape format or... see more

Designed as a clearinghouse and window to news and background information about the physics of the Sun-Earth Connection.... see more