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This website is an interactive and information packed website for any type of country report assignment. I use this in my... see more

A large and growing English site, with lessons for all levels, exam practice for the Cambridge exams and TOEFL. Games to... see more

For your ESL Learner, over 10,000 links on this website...Take your time!

'The universe is a big, big place. But how big? And how do we know?  Throughout history, humans have used a variety of... see more

Solid website from NASA/JPL. Description is as follows: Basics of Space Flight is a tutorial designed primarily to help... see more

This site carries a large amount of information regarding clouds, aerosols and their makeup. Teachers can use this as... see more

CDE Science Standards for 7th Grade (EVOLUTION 3-2) declare that students should know the reasoning used by Charles... see more

Join the Deep Impact Mission team and solve these Mathematical Mission Challenges.

Fact sheets are short informative texts with graphics or photos that provide specific information without the expectation... see more

4th grade science standards include magnetics. Have a look at this site. It allows for a short intro to magnetics and can... see more

CDE Standards for Grade 5 (Physical Sciences 1d) state that students should know that each element is made of one kind of... see more

CDE Standards for Grade 2 (EARTH SCIENCE 3C) stipulates that students should know that soil is made partly from weathered... see more

This is a great virtual story activity for the primary grades. It has useful information about how NASA gets the shuttle... see more

The site contains teacher information, images, resources, data and descriptions of the RXTE satellite. Excellent... see more

The CDE Science Standards for 3rd grade (EARTH SCIENCE 4C) covers the topic of telescopes and what they do/how they work.... see more

This site is informative and easy to use. It is a great place to learn about the solar system. I will be attaching many... see more

Nice site regarding the diverse ecosystems that exist.

This is a simple article that ESL Learners can read. It is about Barbara Morgan, the recent teacher that traveled into... see more

I teach civics objectives in my Level 4 ESL adult classes. I teach institutions, services, and famous people. This is one... see more

Click on any quiz and it will be displayed in a new window. Attempt all, or some, of the questions in the quiz and then... see more

An effective set of drills designed to increase typing competency. Also available in pdf. format if you want to print... see more

This software helps to increase proficiency at typing. The cost is about 40 dollars.

This is a rather large and effective typing course. Students are encouraged to take their time and be honest!