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Jay Walker talks about a new mania in the world, a mania for learning English. Use the learning exercise to enhance your... see more

This video introduces Japan's school uniform culture.  Use the learning exercise (dictation) to enhance your EFL/ESL... see more

This video introduces tagine, a type of cuisine that comes from Morocco. The video is short and can be used with the... see more

Identifies the PPM of Jupiter Hospital

This is an assignment for a social work course in social welfare policy. It includes the instructions, a template and a... see more

Revenue, as an account in the set of books of a company, follow a standard logical set of rules. This video walks through... see more

Instructional Design and Techonogy Assignment

This video explains the average cost method of valuing inventory. The video goes through explaining how the calculations... see more

A video that explains the cost assumption model of LIFO (Last In First Out) on inventory. A good example to be shared... see more

In teaching leadership and organizational behavior, leading change will be a topic that comes up in... see more

In critical thinking courses and business courses, students are asked to think outside of the box and to challenge their... see more

This is a page for an in class activity that can be used in organiational behavior, leadership, and management courses.... see more

This web page describes an experiential activity that can be used to illustrate the four functions of management:... see more

This short slide presentation is based on a paper for a course (EDDE803) in the Doctor of Education in Distance Education... see more

These exercises (15 in all) were written for instructors teaching an introductory class in statistics. They  were written... see more

Ginger beer with yeast science experiment steps to inquiry  

This piece follows a research paper focused upon the educational needs of boys in writing.

 These sequence of labs will give you practical experience with common attacks and counter measures.

This links provides a table of contents that offerss an overview of each session for an Information System and Strategy... see more

Short exercise to use at the beginning of each semester with a new class to help establish class norms. It is a... see more

A series of webpages that discuss and show common stereotypes about Native Americans, American Indians, and Indigenous... see more

The AP Capstone program, which ETS offers, equips students with the critical skills needed for college while... see more

This activity will demonstrate the process of work hardening and annealing of a copper. Students will get the opportunity... see more