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Created by Steven Morgan Friedman of his site, this site offers a collection of papers and resources on... see more

Created by Professor Duane Boning, this MIT-sponsored site provides links to semiconductor conferences, vendors,... see more

Created by the World-Wide Web Virtual Library, this page links users to the web sites of the major nuclear physics... see more

This site offers comprehensive information on the research being conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of... see more

Nobel e-Museum aims to provide easy access to information about scientific and literary achievements as well as peace... see more

Mish Denlinger of San Francisco's Exploratorium created Auroras: Paintings in the Sky, a Web exhibit devoted to this... see more

The Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University website provides information on the interdisciplinary research and... see more

This site provided information about the D-Zero Experiment located at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory... see more

Physics: spotlighting exceptional research is a free service of the American Physical Society (APS). The site's content... see more

An atomic, molecular and optical physics research laboratory at Kansas State University, funded by the United States... see more

The Solar System Exploration website offers information about the objects in our solar system, recent technology used to... see more

This site contains various applets and animations of physical processes, demonstrating various ideas in waves, optics,... see more

This site, authored by Edward F. Redish of the University of Marlyand, contains a collection of images of currency with... see more

In a universe full of motion, change is inevitable. Luckily, we find that some motions—like a planet orbiting the sun—are... see more

The Show-Me Center, in partnership with four mathematics curriculum development Satellite Centers, provides information... see more

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) is funded by the Office of Science for the United States... see more

This site, created by Steve Michael of Three Dimensional, is for the person who wants to produce transmission... see more

This page consists of a lists of activities relating to Newton's Laws. Created by David Willey at the University of... see more

Physics Education Research Group at the University of Maryland, College Park. Includes information about the research... see more

Artist Bob Miller's "Light Walk" at the Exploratorium is always an eye-opening experience for students and teachers... see more

This website from Antonio Carlos M. De Queiroz, an associate professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro,... see more

Activity-Based Physics aims to sustain and enhance efforts to render introductory physics courses more effective and... see more

This site, created by William Beaty of, has all the information needed to understand the operation and... see more

This item is a high school-level assessment to gauge understanding of using diagrams to predict outcomes in systems set... see more