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The US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation (NSF), and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)... see more

This website from eChalk contains optical illusions offering proof that our color perception is strongly influenced by... see more

We develop an Easy Java Simulation (EJS) model for students to experience the physics of idealized one-dimensional... see more

This item is an educator's guide for teaching a unit on the topic of Newton's First and Third Laws. It is intended to... see more

This activity describes the construction and use of a pneumatic cannon and free falling target used to teach the concepts... see more

This video demonstration illustrates the parabolic motion of the center of mass of a moving object. Non-symmetric objects... see more

This video from MIT demonstrates the effect of a Faraday cage in an electric field. A Benjamin Franklin figure is first... see more

The introduction to this intriguing exercise and article begins "If a ball bounces an infinite number of times, it must... see more

This is a set of instructional materials developed at the University of Virginia to support teaching a unit on waves and... see more

This is a set of resource materials for second-semester introductory physics, developed at the University of Virginia.... see more

This inteactive lecture and series of demonstrations develops the concepts and vocabulary of oscillatory motion as it... see more

This high school physics tutorial provides an introduction to standing waves. The site contains a description of such... see more

This activity is an interactive lecture demonstration format which can be used to teach the first lesson of... see more

In this activity, students are presented with two objects that have different constant speeds and that will race each... see more

An interactive lecture demonstration intended to help students use physics reasoning to predict the outcome of a puzzling... see more

Compare lifting a bowling ball directly (one small person) to lifting a bowling ball at an angle with two people holding... see more

This activity is a classroom activity in which students see the difference between vectors and scalars and learn how to... see more

This towing lab students use a active learning activity to develop planning, problem solving and conceptual skills to... see more

This web page describes different aspects of designing bridges. It relates the concept of bridge designing with the real... see more

This video from MIT TechTV demonstrates how to break a glass using sound. The demonstrator determines the resonant... see more

This activity demonstrates Lenz's Law, which states that an induced electromotive force generates a current that induces... see more

This site shows and explains the setup of the Flame Tube or Ruben's Tube demonstration. It includes images of the... see more

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This is a vocabulary building game based on matching words with definitions.