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In this outdoor game, learners play the roles of gray or red squirrels gathering and storing a supply of food in "fall"... see more

One of the bellwether species on the impact of climate change to our environment is the butterfly. Scientists say that... see more

This short (<5-10 minutes) pair of demonstrations uses glass slides with a very thin film of water to demonstrate the... see more

Through its extensive interactive website, educational programming, shows, exhibits, planetarium, online science,... see more

This activity (on page 2 of the PDF) is a full inquiry investigation into aerial imagery. Learners will use the internet... see more

This activity/demo introduces learners to aerogel, a glass nanofoam. Learners discover how aerogel is made and how well... see more

This demonstration (on pages 9-11) uses gelatin and lead pellets to model how aerogel, a technology used by NASA... see more

In this experiment, learners use a blow dryer and water bottle to observe and record changes in air pressure caused by... see more

In this activity, learners simulate Otto von Guericke's famous Magdeburg Hemispheres experiment. In this modern, low cost... see more

Applied Math and Science Education Repository

In this demonstration, learners observe the effects of air pressure. They will watch as marshmallows inside a bottle... see more

In this environmental education demonstration (page 6 of the PDF), learners will see a tangible representation of the... see more

Dr. Peter Scholle, a professor of geology at New Mexico Tech, oversees this site showcasing the geology of the Permian... see more

The Analytical Sciences Digital Library (ASDL) provides a collection of peer-reviewed web-based educational resources... see more

In this activity (page 10 of PDF), learners approximate the area of the uppermost cross section of an impact crater using... see more

In this outdoor winter activity, learners search for and create hibernation sites that will protect gelatin "animals"... see more

This is a basic animation/simulation with background information about the greenhouse effect by DAMOCLES. The animation... see more

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) polar-obriting satellites monitor the ozone levels around... see more

These animations show how various types of waves are propagated during an earthquake. Users can see how P-waves travel at... see more

In this biology activity, learners use plastic pipettes to cut wells into the solid gel layer of agar in petri dishes and... see more

This website presents a great Water Molds activity-based lesson plan which is part of the American Phytopathological... see more

This article and slide show from the New York Times, features several scientists from the University of Alaska,... see more

This site provides useful interactive tools for teaching astronomy and space science. It includes an Earth and Moon... see more