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Demonstrates constructive and destructive interference.

This inquiry based resource is a designated Learning Fountain, Blue Web'n and Landmark Project and listed in the ISTE and... see more

An applet for verifying the Biot-Savart Law concerning the magnetic field produced by a current.

Applet and tutorial on basic electrostatics of capacitance and R-C Circuits

Applet and tutorial on the basic physics of the cylindrical capacitor.

Applet examines the spin-states of a dielectric material. Extensive explanatory text included.

Describes many types of combinational and sequential logic circuits and issues, including basic gates, derived gates, XOR... see more

Introductory explanation of basic mechanical wave properties. Hyperlinks provided to subtopics.

Tutorial and applet demonstrating the shielding of electric fields by conductors.

=*/++Introduction to a large collection of tutorials and simulations on fluids.

Applet and tutorial on the behavior of dielectrics in electric fields and capacitors.

Graph Paper Printer is an application designed to print numerous kinds of graph papers, music manuscripts and pattern... see more

Basic tutorial on how laptop screens work, aimed at those with little experience in physics.

This is a stand alone rescourse about Light and Mirrors.  Introduces Law of Reflection, how mirrors form images and the... see more

Tutorial and applet illustrating the basic physics principles of forces acting on charged particles, producing linear... see more

[fr] Environnement d'apprentissage multimédia en ligne portant sur la rotation et la vibration des molécules et leur lien... see more

Introduction to topics in electromagnetism, including hyperlinks to subtopics.

Tutorial and applet on basic electrodynamics. Applet lets the user vary the ratio of the electric and magnetic fields and... see more

This is a complete tutorial on oscillatory motion, complete with extensive explanations and references. On the left side... see more