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Generalized Continuum Hypothesis is derived from a simple axiom called Axiom of Combinatorial Sets.

This is a research results site about the Albatros. It investigates where these birds go when they leave their nesting... see more

This site updates monthly, and contains contributions from educators at all levels. It also deals with all aspects of... see more

The site is a PBS companion to a two-hour HDTV dcoumentary that explores 200 years of Deaf life in America.  The film... see more

Converts a wide variety of units from one system to another. Quantities include length, area, volume, mass, flow rate,... see more

Different maths activites, and applets for grade school to high school students. Some could be used by college students. is the best general English-language dictionary online. This site has a variety of links that can help you... see more

A grouchy ladybug, who is looking for a fight, disrespects everyone she meets. She finally learns good manners and how to... see more

This highly interactive web site, "A Dancer's Journal: Learning to Perform the Dances of Martha Graham" is a multimedia... see more

Amazon Storybuilder is a cloud-based writing tool from Amazon Studios that can be used to create stories. Amazon... see more

Read Technology Review's news, videos, and blogs for free. If you have a subscription to the magazine, you can also get... see more

TED's "Open Translation Project" has over 20,000+ worldwide volunteer translators contributing their time, energy, and... see more

Set of bibliographies in various subjects to help college students gain information literacy skills to write research... see more

Scientific objectivity in surgical research is explained in simple terms in this Editorial in SURGERY Journal Objective... see more

Editorial in GASTROENTEROLOGY Journal on Ameba-infested drinking water in third world countries and their public health... see more

'Video games are important learning tools that provide immersive, interactive, and creative spaces for students to learn... see more

Science channel site which has video clips of the show, "How Its Made." These can be used in a variety of ways in the... see more

This site provides a series of explanations about how elementary school teachers can use jobs and helpers in their... see more

Research and Leadership in the Modern Age, by Eamon Kelly Ph.D., Tulane University This presentation is based on Dr.... see more

Social Informatics Resources is a wiki managed by Senior Lecturer Per Arne Godejord, Nesna University College, Norway. It... see more

This is the authors web page to her publications about practical advice for first year students. Includes an e-newsletter... see more

The resources on this page are designed to help classroom teachers create and use classroom resources to improve student... see more

"The terms and circumstances of human existence can be expected to change radically during the next human life span.... see more

Family-friendly thematic activities that foster content-rich digital and information literacies