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Modelo pedagógico para el diseño de actividades en línea (e-actividades) basado el Gilly Salmon. La experiencia ofrece:... see more

שיח רגשי בשעות פרטניות. משימות חווייתיות מתוקשבות שהתלמידים יכולים לבצע בבית בין המפגשים. ניתן להתכתב עם התלמידים באזור... see more

How Do Body Systems Work Together is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource.  It focuses on how the Nervous, Skeletal and... see more

This lesson is an interactive lesson, where students take a virtual tour through the stops at Ellis Island. After each... see more

This is a Stand Alone Powerpoint on Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.  It is intended for fifth grader learners, after... see more

This lesson incorporates the five themes of geography, place, region, movement, location and interaction. It is meant for... see more

This lesson is on the five themes of geography, place, region, movement, location, and interaction between people.... see more

This lesson uses the parts of a plant to idenitfy foods that we consume everyday as; stems, roots, leaves or flowers.  It... see more

This PDF was created as part of the MAET program through Michigan State University. My fourth grade students are learning... see more

This is the first part of a lessson I am creating for my class about using Google Calendar for schedule and the multiple... see more

This is a web-quest for social studies on the Columbian Exchange.  This can be used when studying the European Explorers... see more

This is a goal-directed instructional design plan and involves learning about the Mayan and Aztec cultures through a web... see more

A lesson plan for 5th grade, or upper elementary students, designed using the Instructional Design Principles Method. ... see more

A web page with examples of instructional media developed through Eastern Kentucky University's Instructional Development... see more

A stand alone presentation where students can review producers/consumers/decomposers before learning about food chains... see more

Students observe weather characteristics including temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and wind and create an audio... see more

This lesson plan focus is for the Community Service AOI of the MYP years 9 and 10. The students will learn the skills of... see more

This lesson plan focus is on the community service aspect of the MYP IB program in physical education. The students will... see more

This lesson requires students to research a country of their choosing and present the finding to class. The goal is to... see more

This is a STAND-ALONE INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE that can be used to teach high school students about using social netowrking... see more

Interactive slide presentation that addresses grammar rules

This Stand Alone Instructional Resource (StAIR) guides students through a review of benefits of regular exercise, reasons... see more

Assist students in evaluating and looking for cyberbullying, what to do if they feel threatened or suspect their friends... see more

This is a brief lesson about how to safely incorporate aspects of social networking into an exisiting flow of lessons. ... see more