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The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Foundation (AICPA Foundation) provides the Penny Wise lesson plans... see more

 This module is aimed at helping you perform these roles to the best of your ability. As such, it provides you with... see more

Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple Inc for iOS and OS X development. Swift adopts the best of C and... see more

Generalized Continuum Hypothesis is derived from a simple axiom called Axiom of Combinatorial Sets.

This material includes a set of step-by-step tutorials for using the tools in Microsoft Word 2010 to format teacher made... see more

A brief lesson and a taxonomy verb wheel that can be used to help instructors evaluate and implement effective learning... see more is the best general English-language dictionary online. This site has a variety of links that can help you... see more

The solutions unit consists of the following: General points for discussion relating to the teaching of the mathematical... see more

Being a Teacher: Section Two - Being a teacher in South Africa.  This section is not as strongly rooted in South Africa... see more

 In this video linked to the Study of Education series module Being a Teacher, the management and planning of  teaching... see more (2008) offers grade school teachers and elementary schools free online lessons/tutorials/resources for... see more

"In the following discussion, we look carefully at how each ion contributes to changes in membrane potential during an... see more

This audiotape is linked to Creating People Centred Schools learning guide, but carries debates which could also be used... see more

This lesson received an honorable mention in the 2010 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'After completing this module, you... see more

HTML for the Total Beginner is a computer training course designed for new and less experienced users. HTML is presented... see more

This is an educational website for children.  It has recipes, information and facts that contrubute to keeping kids... see more

As of Spring 2014 the teacher certification requirements for New York State require video analysis of teaching and lesson... see more

You can alter the geometric construction dynamically in order to test and prove (or disproved) conjectures and gain... see more

Primarily a tutorial to guide the reader through the creation of learning units using the Curriculum Unit Planner. Also... see more

Edward Adelson's group has devised a new set of visual illusions that serve as tools for exploring the operations of... see more

This audiotape is linked to Creating People Centred Schools learning guide, but carries debates which could also be used... see more

Created by Articulate (the company that makes Storyline), E-Learning Heroes is a site full of resources on creating... see more

Teachers are not just teachers. They are also people. In straddling issues of both professional and personal identity,... see more