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This site provides a brief overview of the earth's climate, which is generally defined as the average weather over a long... see more

This activity introduces two different representations of spectra: the photographic representation, such as the rainbow,... see more

This activity demonstrates how white light, such as that from an overhead projector, is broken up into its component... see more

This unit introduces younger students to the concepts of weather and climate. Topics include the structure of the... see more

This website includes teaching activities that investigate hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning by tracking their courses... see more

Hurricane Katrina provided a stark reminder of the importance of accurate hurricane prediction. This video segment,... see more

Over the past few years, a number of curricula have been developed in the USA that are based on the constructivist model... see more

In this module, several common synoptic situations will be examined in order to understand the processes involved in fog... see more

The complete report from Richard Hake's long-term study of interactive engagement (IE) techniques and their effect on the... see more

This module provides an overview of some of the applicable TAF Amendment and Conditional Group usage rules, as presented... see more

This Web-based module presents the various types and severity categories of aircraft icing and outlines the main factors,... see more

This animation shows Tropical Storm Cristobal on August 7, 2002 . Cristobal was located east of St. Augustine, Florida.... see more

This is Hurricane Alma on May 29, 2002 as seen by TRMM and GOES. The animation zooms down to Hurricand Alma and then... see more

In this activity students experiment with the relationship between pressure, force, and area by calculating the force and... see more

In this set of video lectures given in 1979 by Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, Feynman presents not only a... see more

The Historical Hurricane Tracks tool is an interactive mapping application that allows you to easily search and display... see more

This educational website from NOAA has: facts on tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and thunderstorms; lessons on weather... see more

This demonstration uses everyday foodstuffs such as soup to explain convection to students. In addition, the site... see more

In this activity, students use weather data and spreadsheet software to create climographs (a graph that shows monthly... see more

In this lesson, learners investigate endothermy and ectothermy. Four sets of images measuring infrared radiation are... see more

The electromagnetic spectrum, spanning energies and wavelengths from radio waves to gamma rays, encompasses all forms of... see more

This activity introduces students to the properties of electromagnetic radiation in a variety of ways. For example, they... see more

This lesson plan uses Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) radiation data to understand seasonal... see more

Students perform a version of the 1800 experiment in which a form of radiation other than visible light was discovered by... see more