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Millennial Generation: Better Educated, More Confident and Altruistic

This is a brief lesson about how to safely incorporate aspects of social networking into an exisiting flow of lessons. ... see more

This class exercise asks students to use the web to search for lighting resources. Students are asked to find resources... see more

This is a StAIR project. It is to be used as a stand alone of a review for a unit on genetics. It covers Mendel's 3 laws,... see more

This is a goal-directed instructional design lesson plan tailored for English Language Learners in grades 4 and 5.... see more

This is a goal-directed instructional design lesson plan tailored for English Language Learners in grades 4 and 5.... see more

This leasson was created to help students accomplish two goals.  First, to access the class website, join, and interact... see more

This lesson plan is designed for 6 grade Mandarin learners. Its purpose is to help them master the usage of Chinese... see more

In this WebQuest, third-grade students explore the Internet and engage in activities to learn about the changing states... see more

Lesson Plan on why students need to study matter in Chemistry.

Are things getting too tough for you to manage because of clashing dissertations, academic schedule and regular homework?... see more

This website includes an example Goal-directed Instructional Design Plan related on how to apply critical thinking in th... see more

This is the lesson plan for my STAIR project for CEP 811 at MSU.  It is the plan to teach grade 5 how to use Google... see more

Lesson plan for fifth and sixth graders (5th and 6th) to identify 21 Spanish speaking countries using technology and... see more

This is an introductory lesson to graphs of motion for high school conceptual physics. It is designed as a first-day... see more

Lesson for 2nd grade students involving ordinal numbers. It contains Internet links to interactive resources and videos.

This is a website dedicated to a unit on penguins.

An e-portfolio including an introduction, mission statement, resume, expectations and results, service and leadership,... see more

This lesson plan was designed for 1st graders who are just learning about solid geometry.

This is the third of three lesson plans that address gender stereotypes. The purpose of the lesson is to encourage... see more

Assignment Help -Learners will be able to recognise the difference between different types of assignments and know how to... see more

שיח רגשי בשעות פרטניות. משימות חווייתיות מתוקשבות שהתלמידים יכולים לבצע בבית בין המפגשים. ניתן להתכתב עם התלמידים באזור... see more