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This paper introduces a new suite of computer simulations from the Physics Education Technology (PhET) project,... see more

'Online learning offers a lifeline--especially for rural schools, according to a recent study that also predicts "blended... see more

This article was published in volume 2 issue 1 of online journal of otolaryngology JORL. Tuberculosis of Tonsil is almost... see more

The Open Source Portfolio (OSP) software for eportfolio learning and assessment has seen widespread adoption over the... see more

Provides an excellent review of the literature on video games for learning. Includes: impact on young people,  why use... see more

Similar to vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty may be used on patients with compression fractures in the spine. Kyphoplasty... see more

This is an anti-GMO article from October 2009 published on a "Natural News" website that serves as a good example of the... see more

Wounds is the peer-reviewed journal in app form. This journal offers important insights and articles into the world of... see more

This publication is a summary of nine literacy, language and numeracy research reports published by the New Zealand... see more

Proteus vulgaris (P. vulgaris) is widespread in nature, mainly found in flora of human gastrointestinal tract. The... see more

This is a research paper on self-adaptive software. It describes an infrastructure supporting two simultaneous process in... see more

Robin Beck's researched looked at phylogenetic relationships within marsupials. In her research she used the platypus to... see more

A new Miocene penguin from Patagonia and its phylogenetic relationships with Spheniscidae. To determine this... see more

This article was published in Volume 2 issue 1 of online journal of otolaryngology JORL Epistaxis defined as bleeding... see more is a free, open access preprints archive for Agriculture and Allied Sciences. utilizes the Open... see more

"The American Journal of Cancer Research (AJCR) (ISSN 2156-6976), is an independent open access, online only journal to... see more

Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia) is an opportunistic, Gram negative pathogen which causes infection mainly in... see more

The aim of this study was to explore the feasibility and interest level of offering the core professional development... see more

Orientation programs have been used for years in face-to-face universities and colleges to help prepare new students... see more

In this paper, we provide a discussion of the experiences of faculty and students from the University of New Orleans... see more

This article describes the use of an instructional design process to develop and test a template for creating and... see more

This article discusses anatomy of orbit from otolaryngologist's view. A careful study of anatomy of orbit is very... see more

This article discusses the advanced anatomy of paranasal sinuses.  Intricate knowledge of anatomy of the nasal sinuses is... see more