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Video cliips of Dakar, Senegal, narrated in French with French transcriptions. Downloadable video assignment.

A site containing the voices of famous French-speaking Belgian authors. Extracts by Marguerite Yourcenar, the first woman... see more

A trilingual index of expressions with equivalent meanings. In Spanish, French and English.

Everything one would like to know about Alexandre Dumas pere in French, including a dossier on the recent transfer of his... see more

Choose from a variety of topics: theatre, art, tourism, gastronomy, music, travel, news and more. All to help you learn... see more

A collection of quotations by Francophone writers that the author has collected in his readings.

Supersite for French links, resources, and pages.

Chansons françaises is a resource that accompanies the French program Français Interactif.  It contains authentic... see more

Literary timeline gives user access to illustrations from the time period, authentic documents, primary texts online and... see more

This site boasts flashcards and quizzes highlighting vocabulary and sentences (offered in both English and French) as... see more

This site boasts flashcards and quizzes highlighting vocabulary and sentences (offered in both English and Spanish) as... see more

Mega/resource site for French studies. All the URLs checked out by the author. Reprises the usual good sites like La... see more

La base Enluminures permet de consulter les reproductions numeriques des enluminures et elements de decor des manuscrits... see more

News features in French depicting the lives of Algerian women working in Algeria via TV5 Monde WebTV.

Professeurs de français langue seconde créent des quiz vidéo de FLE pour des étudiants de FLE.

MOSAIC is a curriculum project that links second language study with social studies in content-based thematic units. Each... see more

Un site pour valoriser les ressources informatives et culturelles du monde insulaire francophone. (Audio, video, texte)

This French-language site, designed and hosted at the City University of New York and associated with a French non-profit... see more

As a member of a circus students are going to visit france and learn how to communicate

Spotlight on poetry and poetry events throughout France  

Ressources en didactique du FLE Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Le weboscope, qui est un guide pour les "ressources en... see more

Le site destiné aux assistants de français au Royaume-Uni. Le but de ce site est de vous offrir des informations, des... see more

Blog with links to language resources and articles about language-learning with technology.