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The importance of learning languages.

Presentation about egypt; the flag, national anthem, background, geography, people, government, economy, communications,... see more

Actiivities for the first days of school; teacher and students introduction, seating chart, icebreakers, puzzles,... see more

Arabic-English Quiz chosing the correct words. It is a good exercise for students with Arabic background who are learning... see more

Lesson plans to assist students creating their own projects in different subject areas such as: Art, Business, Language... see more

Teachers will use the French songs to engage students in learning in class and at home. Students can listen to songs at... see more

Warm-up activities; vocabulary, spelling, and forming new words.

Interactive games and activities for ESL that can be helpful for students and teachers.  

Learn Arabic online; lesson plans, grammar, quizzes, vocabulary, and writing.

History or Ibn Battuta, the traveller.

It's a good websiste for severala languagges: French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian with grammar, games, links, and... see more

ESL vocabulary quizzes that can be used in the classroom or at home. Students can check their answers. The website has... see more

Lesson plans and activities for after school programs; art, music, technology, writing, games, and more.  

Useful tips for students to get ready for their oral presentations.

Lesson plan for students to search the internet for materials and information to plan a day in Paris and followed by oral... see more

Interactive learning games for foreign languages, art, math, social studies, and science.

Activities to do with first graders. Helpful tips, resources and lesson plans for teachers.

Good resource for math for first graders.

Animated clipart, templates,backgrounds, and video for presentations and websites.

What educators do to accommodate Arab students to ensure their learning and protect their rights.

Arabic writing, grammar, and conversation.

Learn Arabic letters through games.