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CENEMS is an user-friendly tool that computes the surface charge density distribution on the surface of the conductors in... see more

CNTbands is a Matlab script that computes E(k) and the density-of-states (DOS) vs. energy for a carbon nanotube specified... see more

A switchable imitating DNA-packaging motor was constructed in the laboratory. The motor is driven by six synthetic... see more

As Rolf Landauer observed in 1960, information is physical. As a consequence, the transport and processing of information... see more

I will review some old and some recent work on the fundamental (and not so fundamental) limits imposed by physics of... see more

Measuring the electrical conductivity through a specific strand of DNA is of great interest to the nano-science and... see more

Learning experiences of the future will be multi-sensory, engage technologies and significant computational power... see more

Three exponentials have been the foundation of today's electronics, which are often taken for granted--namely transistor... see more

This resource depicts the step-by-step process by which the transistors of an integrated circuit are made.

Strained Si and SiGe MOSFET technologies face fundamental limits towards the end of this decade when the technology... see more

Martin and Laura have an interesting debate about the feasibility of Molecular Manufacturing. Can molecular assemblers be... see more

FETToy 2.0 is a set of Matlab scripts that calculate the ballistic I-V characteristics for a conventional MOSFETs,... see more

A new concept for a single molecule transistor is demonstrated. A single chargeable atom adjacent to a molecule shifts... see more

Microcantilever based biochemical sensing has shown tremendous promise for ultrasenstive detection in both liquid and... see more

The development of "nanotechnology" has made it possible to engineer material and devices on a length scale as small as... see more

This talk will introduce hierarchical physical models and efficient computational techniques for coupled analysis of... see more

The Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN) is a multi-university, NSF-funded initiative with a mission to lead in... see more

This annimation shows how semiconductor crystals work and how they are used to make transistor switches.