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'Chemistry Genius Periodic Table Flash Cards is a fun quiz game designed to test and enhance your knowledge of the... see more

'Foundations of College Chemistry. Covers ALL concepts + Units and Measurement + Atoms and Moles + Chemical Bonds + The... see more

' oad apps. Description Choose from: CLEP Exam JUMBLE, CLEP Exam REVIEW, and CLEP Exam QUIZ. EXAMBUSTERS CLEP prep flash... see more

Hall Davidson, Director of the Discovery Educator Network, is an educator who provides practical tips and scenarios for... see more

The learning material is an interactive self test that assesses the level of competency of 4 core research skills:... see more

Este Objeto de Aprendizaje sirve para profundizar en algunos aspectos clave de la clase de español como lengua... see more

This quiz reinforces the contents of the video "Four Reasons to Care About Your Digital Footprint" from the Internet... see more

This is a site which includes interactive activities, quizzes and links for each Unit and Chapter related to the book. A... see more

En este instrumento trabajamos la comprensión lectora en referencia a estudiantes de una carrera profesional (Prevención... see more

O Examinator prepara-te para os exames com centenas de perguntas desafiantes de várias disciplinas.

Think you know all the world countries? Are you the master of flags? GeoGeo! puts your geographical knowledge to test.... see more

This JAVA Applet can be used to evaluate student performance online for any content authored by a teacher. It has Oracle... see more

The learning material is an interactive ten question plagiarism quiz by WriteCheck tests knowledge of plagiarism and... see more

Titans United is a platform for all medical/non-medical students of classes 11 and 12 to learn, test and analyze their... see more

This is a quiz that can be used for Popular Music History courses. It is made to test for the contents of chapter 9 in... see more

Instrumento para apoyarse en la evaluación de desempeños orales, incluyendo aspectos kinestésicos y proxémicos.

JClic es un entorno para la creación, realización y evaluación de actividades educativas multimedia, desarrollado en la... see more

Activities and games about animals.

After viewing the website the student will have a better grasp of commonly made mistakes in grammar.  Many of theses... see more

This Tools for Real-time Assessment of Info Literacy Skills (TRAILS) site gives teachers two assessments to be used with... see more

Contains 160 metal-based questions and answers

A quiz about Middle Eastern countries and capitals.

'e Skills Minimod Reading for Details helps the student build mastery in the essential reading comprehension skill of... see more

'Test yourself to help improve reading of music in a fun way!!! Name That Note is a note spelling quiz for all ages.... see more