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This lesson plan uses the Shared Inquiry method of classroom discussion to promote a student centered and student focused... see more

This Interactive Power Point was created in order to provide students with an engaging way to learn the use of Ser vs.... see more

This goal-directed instructional design plan is an assignment directed towards 4th and 5th grade students.  The... see more

This is a STAND-ALONE INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE that can be used to teach high school students about using social netowrking... see more

This is geared for kindergarten students. The activity requires students to hear and identify middle and ending sounds in... see more

This lesson is an interactive lesson, where students take a virtual tour through the stops at Ellis Island. After each... see more

Online Supply Chain Management Homework Help from trusted online assignment writing service provider in Australia. Help... see more

This lesson involves a WebQuest search about the Tectonic Plate Theory.  It also involves making a digital video through... see more

Theories of teaching and learning come from many different theorist. You will find a few different theories on this site... see more

This website explores the process of creating an online course using Merrill's First Principles of Instruction as an... see more

Virtual library containing links to books and periodicals in mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence,... see more

Virtual library containing links to books and periodicals in mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence,... see more

Actividad individual que consiste en responder preguntas que desarrollen la reflexión, pensamiento crítico y habilidades... see more

Students will learn about the position of Earth in the solar system and why the position matters to life on Earth.... see more

This lesson suggests an option for posting student videos to a wiki as a way of increasing student motovation about... see more

This is a lesson for students first to get to know the online resource called Wordle. Wordle is an online site where you... see more

This webpage is a blog Community. Here you will share blogs about course activities regarding constructivist learning... see more

This lesson plan is designed for self-discovery learning of Colonial Williamsburg utilizing a webquest. It is designed... see more

שאלו בחינה עצמית להערכת הרגלי קריאה: כיצד וכמה אתם קוראים ומהם הרגלי הקריאה שלכם? לקוח מתוך הספר לקרוא עיתון ... ועוד... see more

בפעילות זו יקראו התלמידים סיפור קומיקס העוסק בבעיה בה נתקלת קבוצת ילדים דתיים וחילוניים המשתתפת באליפות קומיקס. הפעילויות... see more

יחידת לימוד מתוקשבת מקיפהעם פעילויות לתלמידי ביה"ס היסודי : נושאי היחידה - קורות חייו של יצחק רבין, הסכמי השלום, ליל... see more

פעילות לתלמידים בנושא יום המורה הלאומי, החל ב-11 בינואר. הפעילות סובבת סביב דמותו של יאנוש קורצ'אק, ועוסקת בתכנים חברתיים... see more

פעילות העוסקת במחאה לא אלימה ודרכי מחאה לגיטימית במדינה דמוקרטית כחלק מיום הזיכרון ליצחק רבין. הפעילות מיועדת לכיתות... see more