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בראשית תהליך מתן השמות ליישובים ולרחובות, השם הרצל היה להיט. משנות ה-20 של המאה ה-20 נפסק משום מה תהליך זה.

המאמר לקוח מתוך קובץ המאמרים השישי בסדרת הנושא של כתב העת עיונים בתקומת ישראל. כותבת המאמר טוענת כי בתוך המסגרת של התנועה... see more

Abstract This paper discusses various issues and challenges facing philanthropy and nonprofit organizations in the United... see more

The Duke Law School CSPD (Center for the Study of the Public Domain) provides a graphic novel that explores the impacts... see more

Article about Barry Moser's trilogy of fairy tale picture books set in Appalachia: The Tinderbox, Polly Vaughn, and... see more

CALL FOR PAPERS Academic Exchange Quarterly, Winter 2011 Educational Technologies: Innovations, Experiences and Outcomes... see more

Análisis crítico del discurso, referente a el discurso político y como este influencia a la población.

Article describing research on discussion forums in English for Academic Purposes

The Business Ethics Journal Redview is a free, online, peer-reviewed academic journal, focusing on... see more

Abstract This paper evaluates the issues and challenges associated with Hispanics financing higher education. In... see more

Increased primary and secondary student enrollment, recent expansion of secondary technology education programs, teacher... see more

The Film-Philosophy Journal is an open access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the engagement between film studies and... see more

Paper that aims to explain the relationship between the concept of Implicature and Grice's Cooperative Principle

A língua encarada como sistema abstrato de nomeação e representação em cotejo com sua função semântico-discursiva de... see more

Article et fiche pédagogique en français sur le thème des prénoms sur le site VOYAGES EN FRANÇAIS. L'objectif est de... see more

la Traducción persigue la construcción de la diversidad, mediante la confrontación de dos historias, dos culturas, dos... see more

Introduction The proportion of college and university presidents who are women continues to rise. However, while women... see more

V. Y. Mudimbe’s The Rift attempts to engage with the dilemma of postcolonial intellectuals re-using the discourse of... see more

The Conversation is a freely available, open access, independent source of news and views from the academic and research... see more

Abstract This paper analyzes the historical foundation of women’s education, and evaluates the effects of the education... see more

Memories of the man are shared by Seamus Heaney, Christopher Rush and Colin Smythe, who compiles a bibliography of... see more

From the website: "The Reason Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and... see more

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