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In the year 264 BCE, Rome sent a military force across the Straits of Messana to intervene in a dispute between Carthage... see more

Os alunos deverão formar pares com as informações sobre os pensadores e a imagem dessas personalidades.

A listing of resources for languages of Latin America including indigenous languages, creoles, and linguistic resources... see more

Fixação e prática de conhecimentos gerais e ou históricos sobre locais e países. Desenvolvimento da criatividade.... see more

Nesta atividade, os alunos poderão observar o processo de surgimento do planeta e dos demais corpos celestes viajando no... see more

Montar o quebra-cabeça, sendo que, ao encaixar corretamente algumas peças, comentários serão em relação à obra de arte. O... see more

O aluno deverá responder às questões sobre a Expansão marítima e a Crise do Feudalismo e acumular pontos ao longo da... see more

'You’ve conquered the trail, now it’s time to tame the frontier! Experience the next step in The Oregon Trail story,... see more

Game/simulation of grocery shopping for beginning level ESL/EFL.

TwHistory is a free tool that encourages teachers and students to dig deep into history, get inside the heads of... see more

Create a picnic scene with this Java applet and learn some new Hebrew words.

A game of skill and stategy to test your knowledge of the order of letters in the Hebrew alef-bet; build dictionary... see more

This website promoted The Museum of the City of New York's exhibition (9/25/99 - 1/2/2000) of Americanos: Latino Life in... see more

A virtual exhibit of seven gardens designed by the most admired of French "jardiniers", André LeNôtre. Includes... see more

'Created by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Articulation Station is a full featured articulation application to... see more

BCN.2105 is an interactive game in which players can design the future shape of Barcelona (Spain) according to a limited... see more

We develop original, interactive Java games on Jewish themes using our in-house technologies for image packing,... see more

Ayudantía de simulación de comunicación oral y escrita: claves formales del código lingüístico, con los siguientes temas:... see more

Virtual French class with testing.. In the words of the author :"Bienvenue dans la classe virtuelle de francais.... see more

Ayudantía de comunicación oral y escrita: El reporte oral: exposición y disertación, con los siguientes temas: 1.... see more

Ayudantía ESTUDIAPRENDER: estrategias de aprendizaje.

By selecting the language you speak and the language you want to learn, instruction is given using vocabulary,... see more

This site, available in FLASH and HTML versions, has colorful and detailed tables, charts and diagrams on all the parts... see more

This site presents a photojournal about European's largest minority, the Gypsies. The site includes information on who... see more