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This course describes development of bilingualism in human history (from Lucy to present day). It focuses on linguistic... see more

This course focuses on the study of problems concerning our concept of knowledge, our knowledge of the past, our... see more

It has become commonplace knowledge that globalization is one of the major forces shaping our world. If we look at the... see more

This instance of "Media, Education, and the Marketplace" focuses on the rise of information and communications... see more

This course is designed for high-intermediate ESL students who need to develop better listening comprehension and oral... see more

Analysis and practice of various forms of scientific and technical writing, from memos to journal articles. Strategies... see more

This course is for advanced students who wish to build confidence and skills in spoken English. It focuses on the... see more

21F.301/351 offers an introduction to the French language and culture with an emphasis on the acquisition of vocabulary... see more

21F.302/352 is the second part of an introductory course to the French language and culture with an emphasis on the... see more

This course gives an introduction to German language and culture. The focus is on acquisition of vocabulary and... see more

Spanish I is very different from other classes at MIT. The central component of the text and workbook is a series of 26... see more

This course studies important twentieth century texts from Spain and Latin America. The readings include short stories,... see more

"Reading Poetry" has several aims: primarily, to increase the ways you can become more engaged and curious readers of... see more

This class will investigate the ways in which the formal aspects of Western storytelling in various media have shaped... see more

Introduction to Media Studies is designed for students who have grown up in a rapidly changing global multimedia... see more

This course focuses on works that caught the popular imagination in the past or present. It emphasizes texts that are... see more

This 6-unit subject gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the poetry of two living Nobel Laureates: the... see more

The subtitle of this course for the spring 2003 term is "American Television: A Cultural History." The class takes a... see more

Filmed Shakespeare began in 1899, with Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree performing the death scene from King John for the... see more

When John Locke declared (in the 1690 Essay Concerning Human Understanding) that knowledge was derived solely from... see more

This course examines readings of the major British Romantic poets (Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Scott, Shelley,... see more

This course explores the metaphorical, historical, social, and psychological value of ghosts in the American novel. Using... see more

This course explores the ways in which various American artists view race and class as performed or performable... see more

This subject, cross-listed in Literature and Women's Studies, examines a range of American women authors from the... see more