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Jay Walker talks about a new mania in the world, a mania for learning English. Use the learning exercise to enhance your... see more

This video introduces Japan's school uniform culture.  Use the learning exercise (dictation) to enhance your EFL/ESL... see more

This video introduces tagine, a type of cuisine that comes from Morocco. The video is short and can be used with the... see more

This is a matching worksheet for the English grammar point "know how to." First students read the various ”I don't know... see more

This is a video that introduce various topics and expressions related to the topic "family."

These resources for introductory Spanish were designed and developed at Penn State Berks through collaboration between... see more

A report on the status and importance of language learning in the United States of America, pointing to the increased... see more

In response to a bipartisan request from members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, the Academy... see more

Emgaging quizzes for second language learners of numerous World Languages including French, Spanish,Portuguese ,Japanese,... see more

Teletandem Brasil presents a model for language practice at the college and university level whereby language learners... see more

This is a Kanji list, Chinese Characters in common use. It tells you when you learn each of them.

You can receive a vocabulary list for English learners.

Access the front page news from major newspapers in Brazil.Great for Portuguese language current events and for... see more

Community website where instructors can find and share resources for teaching Spanish to heritage language learners. 

The Tadriis site is a multimedia online Arabic teacher training intended for Arabic teachers in the U.S. and abroad.

LearnEnglish Kids is the British Council's website for children around the world who are learning English as a second... see more

The Digital Commons Network: [Open Access] Arts and Humanities Commons provides you with 243,200+ Open Access full-text... see more

Ventanas is an anthology of literature for advanced Spanish language learners.  It includes texts by Cervantes, Zayas,... see more

Children's songs and rhymes from around the world.

Free resources in French and Spanish that are available to print, copy, and use in class.  

The Japanese have ambivalent attitudes toward death, deeply rooted in pre-Buddhist traditions. In this scholarly but... see more

This site customizes and explains news and current events in a simple and children friendly and appropriate manner.

This book examines an unprecedented range of science fiction texts—including literature, cinema, theater, and... see more