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This applet demonstrates the Central Limit Theorem using histograms. It is primarily an interactive teaching tool, but... see more

This applet performs the Student's t test on two sets of data, and reports the average and variance for both sets of... see more

A small collection of applets discussing several topics in Probability

Mathematical concepts: data bias, scale, probability.

Shockwave simulation illustrates the relationship between chance and probability/statistics by rolling dice and tracking... see more

Take random steps left or right or up or down and see how far you get. You won't go far very often.

This page will perform an analysis of variance for the situation where there are three independent variables, A, B, and... see more

Ants running out of an anthill moving randomly create a series of patterns.

Curso de Estadística Básica. Descripción de los datos, conceptos de probabilidad, diseños muestrales, análisis de la... see more

This simple simulation should give you a better feel of the trade-offs which policy makers need to make in creating... see more

2D Random Walk with no cut-backs and trap avoidance heuristic.

This applet teaches fundamental properties of sampling distributions of means such as accuracy of sample means,... see more

This applet includes methods for ANOVA (one and two factor), regression and correlation, confidence and prediction... see more

This applet simulates running a series of hypothesis tests on the proportion of success (p) for Bernoulli trials.  After... see more

An Illustration of Basic Probability

Explore probablility and normal distribution. Built in Ristretto

This applet provides the user with a variety of statistical distributional and probability experiments. The user can... see more

A collection of java applets illlustrating different basic concepts in statistics.

Uses the theory of permutations to prove that a puzzle involving colors and cycles is solvable.

Forget about looking up critical z-, t-, Chi-square and F-values in tables. The DecisionVisualizer computes exact values... see more

Brownian Motion Simulations

Introduces the concept of power and the relationship between power and effect size, alpha, and sample size.

This web site provides access to the whole content of the Statistical Abstract, and selected features, and other Census... see more

A library of interactive applets to be used by students independently or in lecture to teach many probability and... see more